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As we were gettin ready to leave for Easter lunch with mom.
We see a big tom strutting in my field.

Not much time so we decided to try out the fanning technique.

We closed in and as we crested the hill we started crawling with the fans up.
He strutted towards us and us him until we were 25-30 yards out.

He never broke strut

I told Zane when he turns his fan towards us and you can’t see his head to get the gun up and ready.
When you see his head clearly shoot him.

Zane and the turkey followed the script. All the while mom and sister watched from the house lol.

It was pretty exciting and fun!

10 7/8” beard
1 1/8” spurs

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Wow, that is awesome John! He is growing up fast :exclamation:

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Awesome job! You know if you salt the fan and work it every few days while it dries, you'll be able to close your fan. I like that as I can do more with it and store it in my pack with my decoys.

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Very memorable hunt. Congrats to Zane and family! :clap:

Very nice to have pictures of the successful hunt. The ability for Judah to be concealed well enough behind a fan tail to fool an old gobbler would be hard to believe if not for the evidence submitted. :D
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