Zach's first deer! Story and pics.

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    We woke up this morning to bacon, eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns that my dad cooked for my 12 year old son and I. After breakfast the boy and I put our gear on, grabbed his rifle, and headed to the deer stand. At 6:40 am we were perched 15' high in a double ladder stand in the southwest portion of our lease in Lewis County. As the sun rose the woods started to come alive. There were squirrels and birds everywhere. At 7:20 am I decided to break out the rattle bag and the VECtor. Did about 30 seconds of moderate rattling and set the bag down. About 5 minutes later I gave 7 short tending grunts from the VECtor. It did not take long after that. 1 minute after the grunts me and my son hear footsteps off in the distance. I look over my right shoulder and down wind and see white antlers heading our way. I alert my son of what I see, he turns his head and says big buck. The deer is working our way but also headed dead down wind. As I try to get my son turned and situated the deer became very skeptical and catches us moving in the stand. Tell my son to get on the deer. He is searching for the deer thru his scope and cant find him. The buck starts to turn back the other way and I give him a mouth grunt. His tail flickers and my son catches the white tail. He fires a shot from his savage .243 and I see the deer stumble, fall, get up, and run off. We give high fives and sit down a minute to quit from shaking. We lower the gun and pack down then climb down ourselves. Immediately we find large amounts of blood and follow the trail. After about 80 yards of tracking we see the buck, piled up on the river/creek bank. We give a few more high fives and as we get to the buck he raises his head, stands up, and jumps in the creek 12' below and runs up the hill out of site. He is now on other property, we make our way to the owners cabin and get permission. We easily pick the trail up again and follow it across a bean field and find him piled up on the edge of the cut corn field.

    A less than perfect shot, entered the back of the neck and came out lower and in the fromt.

    It was a good day!

    [file]144480[/file] [file]144482[/file] [file]144484[/file]



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    Congrats!!! That is one heck of a good deer!!

  3. Great story and a dandy buck.Congrats :eek::
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    Congratulations! Man that is a great first buck! Great memories there for sure.:eek:::eek::
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    Very nice buck-congradulations to son and dad! Those are the kinda of days great memories are made of! :eek::

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    HECKUVA FIRST DEER!!! Or any number for that matter!

    Congrats young man!

    Ya'll gettin a shoulder mount? Beautiful cape!:cheers:
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    HECKUVA FIRST DEER!!! Or any number for that matter!

    Congrats young man!

    Ya'll gettin a shoulder mount? Beautiful cape!:cheers:[/rquote]He wanted a European, had to talk him into a shoulder.
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    Great stuff right there:cheers:
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    Great buck, congrats
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    Cool deal young man. :claphands::claphands:
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    :eek:::claphands::eek:: That is awesome Good Job guys.
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    Great first buck! Same age as me and similar story as my first buck. Story brought back great memories. Thanks for sharing! If he was anything like me he was shakin lik CRAZY. Very :