Youth season success

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    Dec 7, 2005
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    Just wanted to take the opportunity to show a few pics from my daughter's hunt this weekend.

    We got skunked on Saturday and we were able to harvest this young buck on the way into the stand on Sunday afternoon. It is her 3rd deer of her young hunting career and her first ever buck. She was pumped. She tackeled me in the woods and was very close to crying because she was soooo happy. She made a wonderful shot given the circumstances. The buck was facing us the entire time and she put it where it counted with our brand new .243 Remingtion 770. Note the Vector call--that made a difference because he was really nervous the entire time and was ready to bolt at anytime but a couple of grunts with the Vector and the rest is history.

    It was funny, on Saturday is was only bucks and "big ones" Sunday her philosophy changed to "if its brown its down" mindset. This might as well have been a state record buck----it is in her mind!!

    All in all a great weekend. We hosted a kids deer camp with several kids coming and they had a blast running on the hay bales. Good food, Good friends make for a wonderful weekend.

    By the way, I know the second to last picture looks unsafe but trust me it is. I know that some of the folks out there will call me on that one. The rifle is angled away from her and unloaded. [file]145411[/file] [file]145413[/file] [file]145415[/file] [file]145417[/file]
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    Wonderfull-bunch o keepers there


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    May 31, 2010
    Nice :claphands: Way to go girl good shooting.:eek::

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    :eek:: Good for her!! And you too Dad for taking her! :claphands:
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    :claphands::claphands::claphands: Congrats to both of you! And great idea on the kids' deer camp! :eek::
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    :claphands: :2thumbsup: ALRIGHT! GREAT JOB YOUNG LADY!!!!

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    Looks like a good group there! Congrats young lady!
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    Even though its hard to see, I forgot to mention that I'm wearing my Vector hat.
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    Way to get-er done Little Lady
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    Congrats young lady.:eek::
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    Fun times!!!:claphands::wave:
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    Here and There
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