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North Fork teen's hunting experience published in national magazine

(Updated Friday, August 18, 2006, 3:26 PM)

North Fork's Bianca Taylor, 14, has her own feature article in the July/August 2006 Mule Deer Federation Magazine after she harvested the "North Fork Monster" mule deer in November 2005.

Bianca lifts the antlers of the North Fork Monster in her hands after two years of tracking him down. After her experience she wrote an article, which was published in Mule Deer Federation magazine.
Photo Courtesy Bianca Taylor

"I've been after this guy for two years," she said. "All the men in North Fork were after him. He'd always give us the slip."

She said it was a beautiful three by five buck.

"The biggest deer I've ever seen in my life," Bianca said. "I've got my dad beat right now."

It all started in November of last year, when she was hunting with her dad in North Fork. She headed down one hill and caught a glimpse of the large deer. She fired a shot and thought she missed.

"I was freaking out," Bianca said. "I said 'dad I missed him.' My dad found his tracks and my dad starts screaming 'you got him, you got him.' I just jumped on him and started crying."

After the hunt she was inspired to write an article about her experience with the "North Fork Monster." With help from her YHS English teacher Mr. Miller, she was able to pull her ideas together. She hoped her story would inspire other people her age to start hunting.

In January, Bianca and her father went to their first Western Hunting & Conservation Expo in Reno. Bianca said guides from all over the U.S. were at the convention.

"I brought the story I wrote and the photos," Bianca said.

She approached Mule Deer Federation officials, who were very excited about her article and printed the article in the July/August issue of the magazine.

"I was the only girl my age that I saw at this huge convention. My generation has officially been lost from hunting," she said. "I think it's nice they published something a kid wrote."

Bianca's mother, Carmen, added, "I think she wrote the story mainly just to encourage kids her own age. I'm so proud of her. I sent a copy to my nephew and I think he is going to start."

While most kids her age are interested in video games and television, Bianca found a love of hunting and the outdoors at a young age.

"I always go hunting with my dad," Bianca said. "Anything outdoors I'll do. It's not just hunting."

Bianca started horn hunting with her father at a young age, until she became old enough to go through the proper training for a license.

"Even before she had her license she would go with him," Carmen said. "She's been going with him since she was 5. He taught her everything and now I think she's better than him."

Bianca has had her hunting license for two years. Over that time she has harvested four mule deer and three wild hogs, and she will be hunting white tail deer when she goes to Canada with her father in November. The Canada trip is a birthday present from her father along with a new long-range gun.

"I love being in the outdoors and it's something to look forward to in the fall," she said. "You get an adrenaline rush when you see or shoot something."

Carmen added that Bianca's hearing and sense of smell are heightened when she hunts.

Hunting is a year-round sport for Bianca and her father.

"We start early in the year checking out the area for the best locations and set cameras up to check out the game," Bianca said.

"It's time that her and her dad have together. She knows the back country as good as her dad," Carmen said.

Bianca said that she can sense when deer season is starting.

"It's such an instinct you can smell it (deer season) in the air when it comes around," she said. "Mainly I'm concentrating on how to get my gun up fast enough. You're constantly looking. You can never let your guard down. You sort of go into a trance and your body knows what to do."

For, Bianca every hunter reacts differently when they pull the trigger. She gets "buck fever" when she hunts.

"I blackout as soon as I pull the trigger," she said. "Everything is in slow motion."

"She has great aim," Carmen said. "She got one hog and shot it right through the heart."

The Taylors always eat what they harvest. They use as much as they can.

"The freezer is never empty," Carmen said. "A lot of time we give meat to families that don't have food. I make buttons out of the horns. Nothing goes to waste."

Bianca said she gets a lot of negative response about her hunting.

"The majority of my friends do not like it one bit," she said. "They always give me crud over it. A lot of people are like 'you're killing them off,' but we're lightening the population."

Despite the negative things they say, friends at school will ask her to share her mom's homemade jerky with them.

Bianca is respectful of the animal after hunting.

"She prays over her animal after she kills it," Carmen said.

Bianca said that her family also respects the mount of the animal. She added that some hunters may use the mounts for hat racks which is disrespectful to the animal.

"The majority of deer get killed on the freeway," Bianca said. "Everything goes to waste. However, if Fish and Game finds it they try to save the meat."

According to an article in the same issue of Mule Deer Federation Magazine, "more deer are hit on the highways each year than hunters harvest in one season." Reportedly, 1.5 million deer are hit on the nation's highways each year.

Bianca said when she hunts it's 100 percent fair chase and never hunts garden deer. She added that she prefers a gun to bow hunting because the animal doesn't suffer as much.

With school starting Aug. 21, Bianca will be managing school, soccer practice and hunting. She has hunting instead of soccer on her class ring.

"It's a lot more commitment than most people think," she said. "It's something that's going to stick.

Bianca plans to attend Cal Poly or U.C. Davis after graduating from YHS to pursue a career as an equine veterinarian. She added that she would like to start her own practice in Wyoming.

"It's a lot harder to hunt there," she said, "but a very good place to hunt. It's like dad always says, 'a bad day of hunting is always better than a good day in the office.' "


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It's great to see stories like this. I wish there were more. :banana:

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Didnt turn out too good for the muley! lol

Great story cfrazee... thanks for sharing!:cheers:

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Awsome story.Thanks Crystal love to read stories like that one.
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