Wyoming grizzlies

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    BTW, I do sound kinda like a lib in that post! Lol :)
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    NR Grizz tags are 100x more than the resident tag! They should charge residents more.....

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    :eek: I understand charging more for NR's but I think that's a bit excessive
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    I was curious and found this tag price list for BC. It looks reasonable for the tag, but hunts there cost 30-40k. If you could do it without a guide it wouldnt be bad. Do they require one? Or is this list not the whole story or just plain wrong...

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    Muley I think you're correct on the prices for US tags for sheep. I think my Desert sheep tag was about $125 for residents and about $1200 for non-residents. It took me 17 years to draw the tag. My wife drew in 11 years.

    The prices for other sheep hunts are out of control. In Mexico a Desert sheep hunt costs at least $50K for a non-trophy ram. A trophy ram is over $100K. Stone sheep hunts are at least $35K.
    I used to dream of getting all of the 29 species in NA, but gave up at 22 of them due to my age and the cost of the hunts. Polar bear at least $50K and you can't bring it back to the US. Brown bear about $20K, it goes on and on. I was fortunate to do my brown bear, grizzly and moose hunts before they went sky high.

    In Nevada the auctioned mule deer tag sold for $165K last year.

    I still think MO should raise their non-resident deer tags but doubt that will ever happen.

    As for the grizzly hunt in WY, if the money goes to the wildlife department I don't have a problem with it.
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    Scoot over manitou, I need room to get on your "commercialization of hunting" boat.
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    Have to have an outfitter. That's why on your list it says to make the check out for the tag to the outfitter.
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