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ww / cr plots

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The plots I have left to plant have been sprayed a few times and looking nice and dead. My plan is labor day weekend, weather permitting, I will disk up these plots and broadcast ww and/or cereal rye. Is there anything else I can add to them for fall plots? The rest of my plots this year are milo and clover and other than me over seeding the milo everything is looking good.
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Planting in the first of September kinda limits the selection of crops that will produce the needed forage you're wanting. You could plant some turnips knowing the leafy greens are the only thing you're getting out of it and it's not going to be a whole lot. Another option besides clover would be chicory and you could treat it as an annual or perennial based on its success. That's my general opinion.
Ya I figured it would be a little late for about anything else other than just the ww or cr. I am looking for these to be nice green plots the deer use in November. I got plenty of acorns to keep them busy in October, even after the logging we are planning on doing this fall.
I use to plant cereal grains early and the army worms ate them up. Tried daikon radishes early and they ate all of them except a 10X10 area. Now I wait until the end of September and first of October. I done the early plantings several years before the army worms invaded me.
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