wtt camo and fishing stuff for bow TRADED

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    Mar 21, 2006
    mexico mo
    im trying to trade some stuff for a cheap bow so i can hunt with my son. hard times hit me finally and i sold all my archery stuff to make it somewhat through. i have a leafy suit, 2pc in great shape size m/l and i have a nice pair of insulated camo bibs(hate to get rid of but i need a bow) they are very warm and waterproof quite material, they are a xl size(so i can wear over top of clothes). i have pics on my cell i could send if you would might be interested. thanx James

    i also have 3 new never used rod/reels from bass pro. never even tied a lure to any of them. just needing a bow and cash is tight right now.

    stuff is traded thanx