WOW it is quite in the house today ........

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  1. Since my little man has start summer school the house to so quite. That I keep getting up to check on him and to aggravate him but he is not here :whinging::whinging::whinging::whinging::whinging::whinging:

    What am I going to do?

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    Apr 20, 2008
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  3. I have dial up internet Marshall so that is not going to work :mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2:

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    Sep 27, 2006
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    [rquote=1277795&tid=89420&author=cummins5.9]Quite what?[/rquote]

    beat me to it man:hysterical:
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    Sep 27, 2006
    [rquote=1277803&tid=89420&author=blevely][rquote=1277795&tid=89420&author=cummins5.9]Quite what?[/rquote]

    beat me to it man:hysterical:[/rquote]'

    I was even half-stepping, waiting for you to pounce. Finally had to do it myself.
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    I thought you made little momma mad and were getting the silent treatment. :hysterical:
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    Quit....meaning to stop

    Quiet...meaning silence

    Quite...meaning several

    Which one you talking about?

    If you mean quiet....start chasing Momma around the house. That should start up some noise with her yelling quit it. And with quite a few circles around the couch the quietness will end.
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    Quite...meaning several [/rquote]

    Not even close. :whistle:
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    LFG I understand just ignore the other post padders