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    First off I apologize for not having more pics...for some reason they're not uploading to the site. Either way here's the story.

    Wow, what a month October was for me. It started out with the most exciting hunt of my life with Bob and Linda chasing gators in Florida. Then everything kinda took a turn for the worse...but hey that's how life goes sometimes.

    So after getting all stoked for a month's worth of vacation, plans to hunt WI, KS, and Mo this year I see my plans take an immediate turn when instead of going to WI to hunt I have to head up there to stay with my dad who because of a recent illness can't be alone longer than 30 min. at a time. My mom doesn't have leave like we do so I volunteered to spend a week or longer with him while she returned to work.

    Oct. 30th...I'm on the road most of the day taking my sweet time because I'd just made the 9 hour trip the week before and pretty soon I 35 and I 80 starts to get boring. Get to the rents about 7 p.m. that night.

    Oct. 31st...Sunday. My mom doesn't work Sundays so that meant I had one day to hunt WI. We run a ton of cams year round on mulitple farms and I had checked them the weekend before so I knew specifically what farm I wanted to hunt.

    My a.m. hunt...I head to what is a portable stand that has been up for years...this is my dad's opening morning gun stand and it's simply one of those stands that a lot of big deer get killed from. It's on a corner of a ridge that's a pinch point between two large chunks of timber. Cold up there in the a.m. Had a doe and 110 inch 8 come in early and then nothing.

    Went home for lunch and talked it over with the old man...asked me where I was going to hunt that afternoon. I'd already decided...I had one hunt left on the trip I was going to "The Gate"...I never hang a stand there until the rut starts and the minute I kill my deer the stand comes down. This is my favorite spot to hunt and has been the spot that many a good deer has died from. As I'm leaving to get a stand loaded dad tells me..."you only got today so don't pass to many up".

    1 p.m. Head out with a portable and steps in hand along with my bow and gear. As I'm walking to the gate I see a dandy 2 1/2 year old working a scrape right in the middle of the gate and 5 yds. from where I'm gonna hang my set. I wait until he clears the are and then hang and start the hunt.
    First couple of hours were slow and I'm getting all these texts from Wings so I'm not really paying attention like I should...and then at 4:15 p.m. this buck appears. He's only 15 yds. out and heading my way fast. Slip my phone back in my pocket...grab my bow and do a quick judgment on him. I don't know the deer and we don't have any pics of him that I can remember...I can tell he's all busted up, heavy horned and I guestimate him at 4 1/2. At 7yds. he takes a Rage 2 blade through the lungs...runs 30yds. and tips over.

    I know he's down, I know I can drive right to him and it's only 4:15...so I stay in stand till dark. Saw 17 different bucks that night and couldn't count all the does. Had a great hunt and put a smile on dad's face when I showed up at the door with some horn in the back of the truck. Wish he wasn't so busted up but nothing a little taxidermy work can't fix. Not the best deer I've ever killed but one that will go down in my memories as a favorite. Oct. started with a bang and ended with a bang...the middle part will soon be forgotten. We name all of the bucks we know we have running round the farms and since we didn't have this one on cam and Wings already named him...he will forever be known as "rumor". He was a main frame ten with 3 tines busted and a couple of kickers on his bases. Had a bone white rack.


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    And now you know the rest of the story
    Good day


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    Thanks for sharing it all with us:eek::
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    We are neighbors
    Way to go again Nick!:cheers:
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    Great story and buck. Thanks for sharing with us.:eek::
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    Great story and great buck. Something you will remember for a long time. Congrats:cheers:
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    Cool story! Nice buck, thanks for sharing.
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    great story.......glad to hear it put a smile on your dads face!!!!!!