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    Well as some of you know from a earlier thread I took my nephew out this nasty, windy morning. I really didn't think we would see much and we didn't. We only seen this one buck but it was the right one!

    Junior isn't very motivated early in the morning, like most teenagers, and he was napping off and on all morning so I was the one keeping a look out most of the time.

    About 740 we decided to pack it in. As I took one last look around this buck came out of the timber running right at us. As my nephew grabbed the rifle I opened the window and double checked to make sure the deer was legal. As I yelled to get him to stop at about 35 yards, junior dropped the hammer. The deer hunched up, carrying his front leg, and ran about 80 yards north before jumping off into a brushy draw and disappearing. Junior said he didn't think his shot was on the shoulder good so we gave the deer 15 minutes before getting out and swinging down wind of the draw and looking for him. We found him dead just across the ditch not 10 yards from where we last seen him go in.

    This is his fourth deer and his third and largest buck. I'm real proud of this boy, he was very cool and collected under pressure and although his shot was just right of the shoulder, it hit the deer well for the angle he was when he stopped.
    We found the bullet just under the skin in front of the hip on the opposite side which he thought was the greatest thing. He is shooting a single shot New England in 30-30 Win using 140 gr Monoflex Hornady Leverevolution ammo.

    It was also his first time gutting a deer by himself which was very entertaining for me!:D IMG_1587[1].JPG IMG_1590[1].JPG
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    Nice work
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    A good morning to test a hunters resolve. I'm glad it paid off for him. Congrats. :cheers:
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    Congratulations to you and your nephew. Hard work has paid off.
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    Cool expansion on the bullet! Congratulations
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    Yeah buddy, awesome memory made and a great pics!!!
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    Very nice! Congrats to your Nephew! :tup:
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    Saturday morning wasn't a great way to start the day, but you guys made the most of it.

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