Winchester's "Triple Se7en" 209 Primers

Discussion in 'Muzzleloaders' started by Chairman, Apr 3, 2006.

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    Winchester\'s \"Triple Se7en\" 209 Primers

    Has anyone tried these yet?


    "Winchester Ammunition has introduced a new primer specifically designed for use in muzzle loader guns that use a 209 size primer.

    The new primer is called the Winchester® Triple Se7en® Primer. It was designed specifically for Hodgdon Triple Se7en® and Pyrodex® pellets but also works great on loose black powder and black powder substitutes.
    Most of today’s modern muzzle loading in-line rifles are designed to use a size 209 shotshell primer. These primers deliver a hot flash, which gives a consistent ignition of the black powder or pellets being used. The down side to these hot primers is the chance for build up of a fouling ring in the barrel of the gun which hinders follow-up loading for second or multiple shots.

    Winchester’s Triple Se7en Primer is a clean burning primer that reduces fouling ring buildup, allowing muzzle loader shooters easy second shot loadings.

    The new Triple Se7en Primer has a unique look with a black cap to distinguish it from other 209 primers. These primers are clam packed 100 per package with clearly marked graphics to separate them from other primers.

    The new Triple Se7en Primer from Winchester is the natural choice for any muzzle loading shooter who uses 209 primers".
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    Jan 21, 2004
    Haven't tried them yet, but it sounds like they will be next on my list of ml supplies.

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    The cost of those is gonna be about twice as much as the normal 209s. $21.49 for 500 at Midway. But if they live up to their word then they'd be worth it to me.