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I had little show of clover a couple weeks ago with weeds growing in so i mowed it then, and now the clover is really filling in. Im gonna mow it again tomorrow before the rain starts for the week.
Last year was the same thing but i wasn’t able to mow it for 2 months. When i did the weeds were 2’ tall. After 3 mowings it was almost full clover again. By fall it was plush and full of clover.

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Yellow rocket .........all brassicas are in the mustard family .......Brussels sprouts, bok choy, cabbage, collard greens, rutabaga, and turnips kale and cauliflower are all brassicas
Actually, brassicaceae IS the mustard family. Not that you were wrong, just that brassicas and mustards are the same. Nothing else is in the brassicaceae family but mustards. It's probably semantically more correct to say all mustards are in the brassica family.
Everything on MWT has to be nit-picked these days. :D

Good ID by the way, I believe it is yellow rocket. :cheers:
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