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Ok here is what happend sunday morning.

I am calling coyotes in Montgomery Co. I am 1 mile from any road and 1.5 miles from any house. I am in a huge section of timber. On my first set-up of the morning 2 stray dogs come into the rabbit call. They circle down wind and smell me and appear to get frightened and they run away. I shut the caller off for a few min and I crank up the rabbit again within 30 seconds 5 dogs (including the first 2) come charging at me from down wind. The lead dog was growling and I stood up and yelled and they didnt leave. I yelled again and waved my arms and they started barking at me. I fired a 12ga round into the air and they ran off.

Are these wild dogs?

Are they prone to attack or dangerous?

There was no collars on these dogs and they didnt look to be in great health, but they werent all sick and mangy looking either. I have kids that I hunt with in these woods. When do I have the right to defend myself or my kids if we have a run in with these dogs again?

I dont want to shoot a dog especially somebodys pet. I talked to the landowner and he said he has seen them on his farm too and he dont know what to do about them either.

What shold I do if I have a run in with these "wild" dogs again?
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