Who wants to take this over?

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting General' started by I-55 Bandit, Jan 5, 2016.

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    Thanks for creating and running the event for MDS Jeff, your efforts were and are greatly appreciated!

    It's just too bad that personal politics and issues on MWT continue to spill over and hurt Missouri Disabled Sportsmen and people's participation in the organization...sad really!

    But hey, at least the Moderators here are happy about the outcome....and that is all that really matters apparently.
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    Type, delete, type, delete.........
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    Maybe we can get Ked back to run it. He was really good at raffles
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    Do they come in larger sizes?:confused:
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    Thanks Meller, so is MDS like the NWTF or DU where they have fund raising banquets and you pay dues or is it just a group of you guys getting together and doing it on your own?
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    There is a lot of rule breaking going on in this thread.
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    MDS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to foster and promote opportunities for youth and disabled hunters to experience the hunting tradition and heritage, and to recognize the individual’s perseverance in hunting activities.

    There are no yearly membership dues and the organization is funded 100% through private donations and MDS fund raising events. Anyone can be involved or hold an MDS event and that participation is essential in order for MDS to provide more opportunities and events around the state. Contact one of the MDS Board Members if you're interested in participating in or holding an MDS event, we'd love to hear from anyone interested in helping out the mission:wave:

    MDS's website/Forum

    MDS's Facebook page
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    Fellows, I hate to see the dissention and such here on MWT. I may well be the oldest guy around here and certainly am one of the longest members. When MDS fired up I thought it was a great idea, and still do. Being very lightly disabled myself I greatly admire any and all that willingly gives up their own time, energy and money to help others who are not as fortunate as themselves. The kind of guys I would want by my side if things go south.

    I don' post much any more so most wont know me, but I do monitor the site daily and have witnessed a lot of history here. Some good-some bad- and some non-sense. To try to make sense of all this would wear the horns off a brass monkey. Differences of opinion are common in all walks of life, some managers are better at their jobs than others, some hands are easier to manage than others. The ups and downs of trying to reach a common goal aren't always easy, but they are always possible if the team is strong enough.

    I have visited two MDS functions to satisfy my curiosity about their functions and member involvement. I was impressed by the dedication and especially self sacrifice of the membership. I think and hope good men and women will step up to fill the voids and continue the great work that is going on and want to thank ALL who have been and will be a part of an outstanding organization.
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    You sure don't, but when you do it is always spot on. You hit the nail on the head PV. :cheers:
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    Yep, wisdom does come with age for many.:eek::
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    Jerry, thank you for your words of wisdom. You are a man who's opinion I value and hearing from you on this topic rencourages me at a time that I need encouragement. Thanks again.
  13. The contest will be a great loss. I know that I really enjoyed it. It provided a benefit to members on here while generating funds for a VERY good cause.
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    a loss to rival the loss of the frozen toes tournament.

    We will rise up from the ashes. Stay positive.......
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    Bandit allowed too many cheaters in the contest
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    They were all on his team though.
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    Jeff, it's been a real pleasure working with you on this the last few years. Your efforts have been much appreciated.

    I find it sad that grown men can no longer be expected to treat each other with respect. With each of these dustups I loose a little more motivation to work with this group.

    I keep hearing over & over, MDS isn't MWT & visa versa. Yet anytime someone crosses the line & the staff & owners try to do their job, that seperation is forgotten by those that keep preaching they're not the same organization any longer.

    If blame needs to be assigned, there's plenty to go around & lots of people need to look in the mirror when they're doling it out.:wave:
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    Very wise words right there. I'm going to start by blaming pinwheel. He should have dropped catdaddy in the well years ago, like when he was still shawncat. :rules:
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    Don't really disagree with ya on the "plenty of blame to go around and all parties having to look into the mirror" especially when what takes place behind the scenes here and via PMs drives contributing members away from MDS.

    MWT is just a vehicle for MDS to advertise since it was sold. Why we'd risk the contributions and possible success of MDS to protect the sanctity of MWT is beyond me:wave:

    Why so many grown man would take this social media forum so personally is also beyond me...it's just the internet folks and none of us have any ownership in this site, it's really not that serious.

    Helping youth and disabled hunters on the other hand is serious business and the two should not be connected at the hip for these exact reasons:wave:
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    it was nice meeting you