Whitetail Institute Imperial Wintergreens

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    Whitetail Institute Imperial Wintergreens

    Anyone out there try this. Family owns a farm in Southern IL and we have around 10 acres of plots already planted, some corn, sunflowers, and clover. There are deer all over the place, but I want to till up a few smaller areas for better bow stand locations.

    I have a couple of rocky wash areas that I might try to plant in it if it will take to that type of area.

    Also, we managed to acquire a free 50lb bag of sorghum. Is this something that deer or turkeys will use this winter?
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    Winter Greens is a brassica turnip type of mix. It is usually hit or miss, some deer love the stuf and clear the plot of it, other guys plant it and the deer never touch it. Give it a try, if they like it you can have a green food source well into the cold winter weather.

    Sorgum is a good deer crop because they won't eat it as it grows, the only eat the heads after they appear. If it gets tall they will also use it for bedding cover. The turkeys will love it also for the seed.