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  1. beanpile

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    I'm seeing just oodles of Toms out strutting with about 10 hens +/- dang near in every field. Its givn me the FEVERr BIG TIME! Spoke with a guy who does well turkey hunting & he said the youths will play heck trying to get a gobbler to come because the hens will go to him. I figuered that by adult season the Gobblers ought to have "done their duty" and should ready since the season is soo late, His thoughts were that you wont beable to really call a Gobler in untill the 3rd week because they'll still be breeding hot n heavy untill then..

    what say you??
  2. stinkpickle

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    Dec 7, 2004
    I'm sure the youths will have plenty of competition from the hens. They might have better luck later in the day, trying to work subordinate toms, and/or calling aggressively to the hens. I like to pizz off the hens early in the season. They can come chargin' in quick. The big boys will naturally follow.

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    The trouble this early in the season is the hens rule. Where ever the hens go the toms follow. They even roost close to where the hens do and watch them fly down in the morning and follow them most of the morning trying their darndest with their colorful display of plumage to entice a hen into submission. I don't think this early the hens are even close to making a nest. The toms keep on trying their darndest to get one tho. I have found that if you get between the roosted hens and the tom prior to flydown you might stand a chance. Sometimes it takes getting there a minimum of 45 minutes before daylight. Even then you have to be especially quiet. Many a morning I busted a turkey off the roost in the dark of the night just to hear him or her crash through the trees a few hundred yards away.
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    beanpile just a no body

    Mobiggie's #1 daughter & myself are going to try to help call in a bird for CFRAZZE & daughter. the blinds have been set..just trying to come up with a stratagy.. lil one is hunting with a 410 so we'll have to get one within15-20 yrds..we'll see the Gobblers no doubt but getting them in close will be the challenge. thinking about putting a flock of Decoy hens real close to the blind with a Jake decoy..that might p-iss an ol Tom off enough to make him check it out..or at least that what I'm hopeing

    any suggestions would be appreciated
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    Sometimes when they have a lot of hens with them you can sound like more than one hen and pull in a satelite tom who is tired of just watching the boss tom do his thing. Also, if you can get the boss hen to respond to your calls, call aggressivley to her. Cut her off every time she responds and try to mimic what she does but do it louder and sassyier. If you can make her mad and she comes looking for a fight, guess who will be behind her.

    I always wonder if anyone has ever been brave/crazy enough to bust a group of toms and hens like that in the daylight like you would fall turkey hunting and if they scatter good, try to call them back like you would in the fall.
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    Licking Missouri.. I was born in Salem but lived in Licking back in the early 60's..gots loads of family still in Salem

    Mom went to school with the Blue Grass Band "Dillards" of Darlin family fame on the Andy Griffith show

    still go back ther a cuple of times a year
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    Jul 24, 2003
    Licking Missouri
    We just moved from Salem to Licking. Lived in Salem bout 5 years. Both towns are pretty nice.
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    Salem's alot bigger than it was backin the day

    did you know any Pattersons, Inmans, Bakers or Depriests??
  9. Gamegetter

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    Jan 21, 2004
    I say I'd rather hunt early than late in the season. Early in the season, you have a lot of 2 year olds looking for love - similar to young 1 1/2 yr. old bucks searching for does at the beginning of the rut. I predict the youths will kill a bucket load of birds.
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    I would'nt worry about the hens. We took a good spred of dekes and left them in the first blind. No matter what plot is hunted, I would just put out the good spread of dekes and be very vocal on the calls. If a tom thinks there is and interested lady he may try to run you over gettin to her. These toms that are struttin everywhere right now are doin like mailman said and following the hen flocks and just wishing.

  11. beanpile

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    kinda like teenage boys

    I think your right henry on that thuht process
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    Jul 24, 2003
    Licking Missouri
    No, none of those names sound familiar. We lived north of Salem near Cook Station.
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    Feb 5, 2005
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    ON saterday for my neises first terky hunt I will be puting out 9 feeding hen decoys and one upright head hen. I have been to teh area she and I will be hunting at ( inside an old chiken coop ) and have cald from it to see how the toms respond. On monday I had 3 toms come runing into the old pastur that is 10 yards from the coop. I had been calling for under 10 minuts befor the 3 come runing into teh the slightly over grown pastur. I wish I had a vidio camera wiht me to vidio tape the 3 trying to get the atention of the one hen decoy I had out. If you dont have one of them 2 sided calls from Poor Valley they work like magic. I cald in the same tom twise that day with in an hr. Called in a total of 15 toms on monday was just having to much fun.
  14. beanpile

    beanpile just a no body

    sounds like a good plan
  15. JMAC

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    Aug 31, 2005
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    BP, I've heard of people breaking up flocks in the spring but I've never tried it.
    EDIT: Sorry, should have said Bowpredator instead of BP. Sorry beanpile!
  16. beanpile

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    not going to risk that with Cfrazze & Key on their youth hunt