When a Hero Falls

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    Thought I would share this with ya.

    This was composed by "Twister" one of the original PGR's.

    When a hero falls
    While a city sleeps.
    When a nation calls
    As a family weeps.
    Ready riders are standing tall
    Recalling promises made to keep.

    With outstretched hand
    And heartfelt pride
    Across this land
    Both far and wide.
    Alerting each other we form a band,
    “Saddle up, my brother, it’s time to rideâ€.

    Our yellow flags soon fill the air
    Our chrome gleams brightly in the sun.
    Through all weather, foul or fair,
    Though thousands ride, we ride as one.
    Our thunder rolls to show we care
    We make the mission, and we run the run.

    We hide our tears
    With eyes downcast.
    And face our fears
    With flags half-mast.
    We rise with honor to face the jeers
    As we join our heroes with our past.

    It’s not an easy task we choose.
    Each mission causing us to reflect.
    For the more we win, the more we lose
    And we’re often looked upon as suspect.
    But we are the Patriot Guard Riders,
    And we are Riding With Respect.
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    Reed, excellent!!:cheers::cheers::cheers:


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