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What weight broadhead ?

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I shoot a cross bow. What weight broadhead should I use ?
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Bear, I was shooting 100's but have a new crossbow and the manufacturer recommends 125's. I would check with the manufacture recommendations.

Happy shooting
I would think the crossbow bolts would be very similar to regular arrows...try several, and shoot the one that flies the best off your crossbow!!!! Different tip weights will change the stiffness of your bolt...but I'd bet those 100's and 125's will both fly good!!! Keep em sharp!!!
my neighbor shoots a crossbow and he uses 125 grain.
i shoot 100 grians outa my 70lb compound, my next batch of braodheads im buying 125 and see if they shoot any differently.
I would not go below 100, 100-125 gives you more knock down power that you loose with out the longer arrow.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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