What we are up against

Discussion in 'Social Club' started by Whitemarsh, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Whitemarsh

    Whitemarsh New Member

    Jan 1, 2006
    Greene Co.
    Just received this from one of my anti-hunting "acquaintances".:confused::


    I guess this is what we are up against. :mad:
  2. membergone

    membergone New Member

    Jan 17, 2004
    Frankly I see this as a good thing. The bigger audience those folks get, the more "thinking" people will get to see how the kook fringe operates. :cheers:

  3. Big John

    Big John Active Member

    Oct 24, 2003
    Really inviting kids to play with guns brilliant. So what I am getting out of that is if you can't be gun owners who are teaching their kids the right way to handle a weapon, they show that stuff to them hoping they misuse their weapons. GREAT STUFF! MORONS!!
  4. Chairman

    Chairman Senior Member

    Dec 2, 2002
    Henry County
    I saw where this page was copyrighted in 2001, so it's been around awhile. I clicked on the link at the bottom of the page, and here's where it took me:


    Looks like they've got serious mental issues.

    They're even upset about the monopolization of "premium" (disabled) parking spaces... :roll2:

  5. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Dec 13, 2002
    Springfield, MO.
    I saw that link also........ I am impressed.....NOT
  6. JackJr

    JackJr New Member

    Nov 30, 2002
    Land Of BLAHS
    I often wonder how this folks develop such a twisted mindset. Bad upbringing or they are simply Maroons as stated before. For me personally the parkin' places for Mothers To Be irk me.:hysterical::hysterical::hysterical: :roll2:

  7. Hoytshooter

    Hoytshooter Active Member

    Mar 7, 2005
    Small Buck, MO
    real nice. wonder what the NRA's reaction was.
  8. Chairman

    Chairman Senior Member

    Dec 2, 2002
    Henry County

    I was wondering the exact same thing. I haven't heard anything about it, so that leaves me wondering if they are just ignoring the BS. Sometimes, by just acknowledging them, you light the fuse...

  9. oneshot 1

    oneshot 1 Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 2003
    I don't know about them.But I sure do!!

    :D The Big Grin has Green Roots
  10. JBMan

    JBMan New Member

    Nov 16, 2004
    well, my philosophy sounds just like my buddy and his ex wife.... he wont say or do anything to degrade her infront of his little girl. all the while she cuts him down like a dog every chance she gets... the little girl is only 3 and can already see the bad coming out of her "mother".

    yes it is sad that in both situations, when the right people do the responsible thing, that the immediate repercussions from the other side try to shove it back into the faces of those trying to avoid disasterous consequenses...

    however in the long run, all us responsible people will ultimatley prevail...its Gods plan.... oh yea, they don't believe in that either!