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    Ok so i dont have my own private land to hunt so i go on public. well last year i found a section of land that i only saw one other group of 3 guys on it the entire season deer hunting. so needless to say there is not too many others besides me using it but from time to time you do see the guys that own private land that backs up to it over on it with their 4 wheelers during rifle season right before dark looking for deer going to bed down. Other than that i have seen no one else. so this year i decided to put out some cheap cameras that i got from bass pro. nothing special incase they did get stolen. This land is not square its more in a rectangle so imagine that if you will. last year i hunted the southern part of the rectangle but never been to the northern part. so i set out 2 cams near the northern part the first cam was set in the woods where the trees thin out just a bit. to one side there is thick thick brush with a pond to the other side there is a farmers pasture. The other cam up there was set about 200 yards away next to a scrape but looking away from it down the hill as it looked like there was a trail there. on that camera 1 after 8 days i got pics of some does, a little 6 point, a spike, a nice 9 pointer and a good 10 pointer. the thing about it is they were all going through that area from 1-3 AM not one of the pics was during the day time. That camera 2 had no pics on it but when i pulled the cam i saw that the scrape was being used and had fresh droppings in it. ( i didnt face the cam at the scrape because i didnt know if it would mess anything up as i am new to this). My question on these first 2 cameras is are they moving at night on the cam just because of the weather with it being cooler at night? seeing those nice bucks on that first camera would it be safe to say thats the area they hang out in and should be there someplace come gun season? Now the other 2 cameras in the southern part i set out one in a vally type creek opening between 2 hills its big and open with the normal brush growing. i put the cam at the intersection of 2 trails i found i got pics of plenty of doe one leagal buck and another small 6 point. they were all either early morn around 7-8 AM or at night 7-8 PM the last cam i put out was on a trail in the woods not to far from that creek and got pics of the same doe over and over about to lick the camera but only at night none during the day. with the rut turning on more and more as we near gun season what can i take out of these pics? if you guys were in my spot would you sit at that first camera where i got pics of the 2 nice bucks and hope for the best or what? I know it can be a crap shoot once the rut really gets on but there has to be something you can still half way go off of. any help or advice would be great.
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    I would put some cameras on the scrapes and see when they are working them. Or back out to some high vantage point in the evening and see how they are moving if possible. Do this on the shadowy side of things. That is a great way to find the travel routes on public land, the scrapes, rubs, bedding areas, etc.

    Doing this for one evening this time of year can save you alot of wasted time in the stand. Somewhere on this tract of land you will find a preferred corridor bucks and does will both use, you will probably find a great scrape line, and the rubs should be more frequent now.

    It is cliche but sometimes you have to hunt where the deer are - not where they should be.:)