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  1. Man this was a weird couple of days. i called in two birds for my cousin opening morning and he shot about a 15 pound jake with around a 5 inch beard. But the weird part was the other bird that came in was so far away when he started comin you could barely hear him. My cousin put only 3 pellets at the base of his neck but luckily it killed. We had worked the jake from 6:30 to 9:00. But now hes dead so that is great since it was his first bird. Then this morning i got to my spot after about a 2 mile walk and there was a rig parked right at the edge of the pine thicket were the birds roost. I m not trying to throw any geographical slurrs but we had arkansawyers trying to have free reighn all over the private property we were on. I had me a bit a cussing fit and i think they got the point. Then i went and got on a GOOD bird and worked him and belly crawled on him for about an hour and a half before i got ancy and tryed to make a move on him and spooked him at about 70 yards. it was weird though, he would doudle and triple gobble every time i hit that POOR VALLEY glass call but he3 would not budge. I watched him for at least an hour straight and he never moved more than 2 or 3 feet. But thats how it goes. Hopefully i can get us some points on the board in the morning. But it was a VERY succesful hunt in all. I helped my cousin get his first bird down so it was great even though i never fired a shot. Good luck every one im off to get ready for tommorows hunt.

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    Go get 'em rocko! Bring back pics! :cheers:


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    :whip: have some patience...
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    good luck rocko... you'll get em.. jus hang in there man
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    this storm we just had totally messed up the birds. only a few gobbles and they sounded like a mile away. they only gobbled to the sound of a howler. not anything else not even clucks or cuttin. my neighbor said he seen a struttin gobbler on my property behind the house. so ill try to call him in. looks like im runnin and gunnin. lucky for me i start work at 2:30pm. man that came out perfect!!
    good luck
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    rocko, shouldnt it say, "what the he (double hockey stick)" you know, just to be politically correct with your english and everything...


    jus kiddin bro.. :wink4:
  7. Been hunting hard boys! Just cant get it done. Ive been spooking the crap out of silent birds. And went to set up on one yesterday and got about 200 yards from him and he gobbled and then someone rolled him. Just been a rough year.

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    Dang it does sound like you are having a tough year. Well keep your chin up you still have a few dayz left. I haven't even made it out yet. I think with the weather report the weather may mess the hunting up this weekend.
  9. Its been bad! I broke my own rule yesterday cause they wouldnt answer any kinda locate call. I called one to the truck as i was walking back and then spooked him when i got there and he never would gobble. Theve got the lock jaw alredy down here. Gonna have to break out the pop up this weekend and try to call in one of those silent boogers.