What is the best age??????

Discussion in 'Social Club' started by Arrow-1, Mar 12, 2006.

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    For letting my three sons start going deer hunting with me? What has been your experience? How old to let them come along, how old to let them bring a weapon? Bow or gun, what is your advice for me????????????? They are 2, 4, and 5....so we still have a way to go........:pop:
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    Arrow-1, well I'd say start taking them with you about age 7-8. To handle a gun about age 10 as long as you sit with them. Also depends on each individual child as most learn and comprehend at different ages. My grandaughter shot her first turkey last year at age 10 1/2.


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    Dec 3, 2002
    There is no magic age---each young person will mature at a level that they are comfortable with.

    I have seen some kids 7 and 8 that I felt comfortable hunting with---and I have aLSO spent a very short time with some 25 year olds that had no business any where near a firearm.

    YOU are the best judge of your own question. Get them involved but remember their attention span is no where close to yours so have a lot of patients with them and "ENJOY":cheers:
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    Arrow-1, each child is an individual and will develop their hunting skill at their own rate. Each of my three kids love to shoot and hunt. From personal experience I have found that at about 7-8 years of age they are ready to go with you and sit in the blind for 1-2 hr. They will need snack and bathroom breaks if any longer than this. The important thing is that it has to be fun and they have to be comfortable (not cold or wet).
    I let the boys start shooting targets at age 6-7 with a Daisy BB gun with strict supervision. My daughter started at age 5.
    When they were 8, I enrolled them in 4-H Shooting Sports. The first year they learned safety and basic firearm handling using BB guns and started shooting targets. The next year was pelletguns and more targets. The following years they moved on to .22 rifles, shotguns, then archery. The 4-H program is great because of the emphasis on safety and fun. Also the kids like shooting with their peers. It is quite a sight at the state 4-H shoot to see 700-800 kids competing successfully and safely.

    I waited until they were 11 or 12 before letting them carry their own firearms while turkey or deer hunting. At this age they seem to be able carry and safely handle a firearm for extended periods. I found that Dad now became guide, videographer and cheer leader. Up to this point they accompanied me on hunts, now I went with them.

    Now that they are teenagers, I let them plan the hunts. They decide where we go, how we hunt, etc. It is really neat to see the excitement on their faces before, during, and after a succesful hunt. Dad is really enjoying hunting now!
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    I had my daughter in the stand at 4! She loved it!!! I did not bank on her being quiet at that age, just learning!!!
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    I cant wait for them to be able to join me. I need more huntin buddies!
  7. 90acres

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    Mar 4, 2003
    The invention called pop-up blinds make it alot easier to take youngsters. We bring all kinds of time occupying stuff. When they get tired of watching with me, they just sit on the floor and play, but will pop right up whenever we see something. Plus, they get away with alot more movement.
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    pop up blinds are great for kids. Just remember your there for them not for you to kill a deer. I burnt my oldest son out by trying to get him to hunt like i do. marathon hours on stand and sitting completely still and quiet are not what the youngsters are look for as far as fun goes.

    Good luck ! The rewards are priceless.
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    I took Drake when he was 3 to the duck blind. Made sure he was warm and wore his ear muffs at all times. He was also 3 when he went deer hunting with me and we killed the buck in my avatar. He has been going with me ever since. He is 5 now and killed his first tree rat last Dec. When you take a young one hunting make sure its fun for him or her.. If they ready to go then it's time to leave even if it is the prime time because if he or she is ready to leave you are not going to get that chance at seeing an animal at prime time. All kids are different and even though Drake is carring a .22 at age 5 doesn't mean every kid is ready at that age. I started him out with a toy gun to carry with us and I made sure he carried it like the real thing before we moved on to the real thing.
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    Could'nt of said it better
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    1. Pop-up blind
    2. Coloring books
    3. Handheld video games
    4. Mini DVD player with headphones

    Oops! I forgot about lots of snacks! :D

    And when you get all of this stuff rounded up and bought, I wanna go with you too! :D :D :D

    Us four kids started going when we were 9 or 10, started hunting when we were 12, and started doing it on our own in our own setup (deer and turkey, taken to the spot) when we were 13. I hope that my children get an earlier start than that, but its going to depend on maturity of the kiddo. Those were dad's rules, and we are all still hunting A LOT, 3 boys and 1 girl.

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    I started deer hunting when I was ten and have never stopped. I have a four year old I am going to take with me turkey hunting and have learned a few things on here of what I will bring. I think this will be easier cause it is warmer and it will be after I shoot one bird so I don't have to kill another one but if I do then so be it. I am going to take him mushroom hunting to since he never has. Like everyone else said I am just going to try and make it fun and if we kill something then that will be an extra.