What is an entry level mule deer "trophy"

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  1. Curtis

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    Mar 1, 2005
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    This is a relatively subjective question from what I understand. :thinking:

    I'm trying to plan a DIY hunt for next fall (probably in Wyoming) and would like to find an area that has some decent deer in it. I certainly don't expect anything next year but it would be nice to know that you can go back several times and one of those times you're going to get something worthy of putting on the wall. Afterall, if you wanted to shoot a small buck you might as well just buy a doe tag cause they're a lot cheaper :whistle:

    I concider a nice little 8 point, 120-125", spread right at the ears whitetail a mountable deer for someone who has not got one that big before.

    What does that equal to in a mule deer? Does a 20" spread 4x4 qualify or that even too big? Can it be a 3x3? I don't know...but it needs to be worth the 400 dollar taxidermy fee.

    What in your opinion is a just a good overall representation of an entry level mule deer mountable trophy?

  2. ryanlowe02

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    mule deer on average have wider and taller racks, based on that fact you may find a really cool looking 130-140" deer that may not be a giant to some folks out west but the characteristic of the rack will make it look very unique compared to a local whitetail......

    i know if i shoot a mule deer its getting mounted, would love to have one on the wall

  3. callaojoe

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    Man, that is a question only the hunter can answer....

    For me, it'd have to be a 4x4 with some decent mass, and a 23-24" spread......

    But, every person has their own interpretations.....

    I passed on a decent 3x3 with my bow in 05, cause he just wasn't quite big enough. But, I have seen some pics of very nice 3x3's that I would a shot with my bow.:shrug:
  4. Spartan46

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    Probably not much help but I:D think "Trophy" is in the eye of the beholder.
  5. sambo3006

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    I'd consider a 3x3 or bigger as wide as the ears and proportionate height worth the taxidermy bill. But as Spartan46 said above, what ever trips your trigger. I killed a 4x3 last year that was kind of narrow so I didn't have it mounted, just did the antlers. That worked out great. Nice buck and no taxi bill.:eek::
  6. FiremanBrad

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    150+ is a darn nice muley!!! I would equate that to a 130 class whitetail!!!:cheers::wave:
  7. archer66

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    Jun 21, 2008
    Here is my first and only mule deer. He measures right at 146 inches. I wasn't going to have him mounted but my hunting buddies talked me into it. Glad I did now because who knows when I'll ever go kill another one.


  8. Curtis

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    [rquote=1927238&tid=129936&author=sambo3006]I'd consider a 3x3 or bigger as wide as the ears and proportionate height worth the taxidermy bill. [/rquote]

    After looking at some pictures, I'm thinking the same thing. As Archer (who btw shot a very good one imo) said, you never know when you're getting back out there again.
  9. 20 feet high

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    Feb 19, 2009
    curtism, you'll know when you see him! Good luck!:cheers::cheers::cheers: