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What distance is the Max?

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i personally think it is unethical to shoot at a deer that you are not 99.9% sure your are going to put the arrow where you want it (within reason of course). the missing 0.1% comes from factors you can't control, such as the deer jumping the string, ect.

when i am shooting every day, i would feel more than comfortable shooting a deer at 30 yards. under perfect conditions (i.e. deer is broadside, completely relaxed, and i have all the time i need to make the shot), i would shoot 40 yards.

i practice out to 50 yards daily (when i'm not in school).
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Originally posted by Center Punch
That's what I'm after. :cheers:

If I could consistantly put the arrow into a softball at 30 yds (no wind, calm deer, etc...) then 30yds would be good. Since I can only do that right now at 20ish, then 20ish should be my limit???
I used to base it on what I could do with my first shot, and many times that's all I'd shoot for practice. I'd set the target out, walk 20 to 30 yards away, sit down in the position I'd hunt from, and take a shot. I figure that first shot is a far better indicator of what would happen in a hunting situation than anything I could do after slingin' arrows for a half hour, and it determined what I was comfortable with.
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