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What distance is the Max?

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i personally think it is unethical to shoot at a deer that you are not 99.9% sure your are going to put the arrow where you want it (within reason of course). the missing 0.1% comes from factors you can't control, such as the deer jumping the string, ect.

when i am shooting every day, i would feel more than comfortable shooting a deer at 30 yards. under perfect conditions (i.e. deer is broadside, completely relaxed, and i have all the time i need to make the shot), i would shoot 40 yards.

i practice out to 50 yards daily (when i'm not in school).
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my farthes has been 67 on a mule deer and 54 on a bull,50 on a turk,several on deer in the 40's.i don't make the desciion to let go till i at full draw and if everything feels right i let her go,if not i let down.but i practice a lot at 60 and 70,sometimes i think i can hit better with a bow than i can with my smoke pole.:confused:
i guess i better explain myself also.i do shoot that far and will continue to do so.i hunt alot of crp and fencerows,i hunt on the ground 99 percent of time.i carry a range finder and use it alot.i also count the seconds the deer is walking before he stops when he puts his down i count the seconds again.if he keeps the same count each time.i feel real comfortable about taking the shot.a deer at sixty yards is at 180 feet my bow shoots over three hundred fps.he is a dead deer.confident? yes, those animals die the same 20 or 60 makes no difference. i've had one animal jump the string on me and that was bull at 12 yards.go figure.when i shot alot of 3ds i loved the long shoot the most 120 to 30 i was deadly and won a lot of the long shoot trophy's would i shoot that far at a animal no way.but within my range i will.confidence is the key.
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for what it's woth, this newbie doesn't think any distance that I can't hit a softball is ok. wheather that's 30, 65, or 100yds. Heck, if I don't raise my sigts to accomodate shooting down from the tree, then I'm sure to miss low at 20yds.

As a side bar, what's the measurement that tells you how hard the arrow is going to hit the target? KE ?? Whatever it is, isn't THAT a big factor as well on ARROW'd game ???
your right cp you don't want to take a shot your not comfy with.to me the broadhead does the job and i would much rather see the arrow stay inside the animal as it is running away it just cutting more and more.thats why i like quatering away shots.more a chance of it staying in and doing more damage.
i don't like to follow a blood trail,i like to watch them fall:rotfl:
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