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What distance is the Max?

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i personally think it is unethical to shoot at a deer that you are not 99.9% sure your are going to put the arrow where you want it (within reason of course). the missing 0.1% comes from factors you can't control, such as the deer jumping the string, ect.

when i am shooting every day, i would feel more than comfortable shooting a deer at 30 yards. under perfect conditions (i.e. deer is broadside, completely relaxed, and i have all the time i need to make the shot), i would shoot 40 yards.

i practice out to 50 yards daily (when i'm not in school).
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Depends on my confidence. If I am shooting a lot and hitting consistently good out to 40 yards, that would be my max on whitetails. On Elk I usually practice out to 60 but 50 or so would probably be my max. The longest bow shot I've ever taken at a whitetail was 32 yards at a doe, and I drilled her perfect. In other words, even though I may say that I feel comfortable at 40 yards, and had chances to shoot at that distance, I've passed those shots hoping for a better shot.
Your max should be the distance you feel comfortable/confident with.
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