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    We have two labs now, one is getting up there in age. We are thinking of getting another dog, but what breed would I be looking for to try to train for tracking but also be a pet? Wife wants a bloodhound, but I'm not sold yet.
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    Lab would be my choice since you want the dog to be a pet. The majority of hunting dogs spend more time at home than they do in the field.

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    I'd suggest suggest borrowing or buying a copy of this book. He does a great job breaking down how several of the most popular breeds used for tracking will work.

    Tracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer - Jeanneney

    The book is sold out on his website, but it's available on Amazon.com
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    Gotta get that book and read his opinions on versatility of breeds.

    I would not suggest a bloodhound due to their relentless want to drag your butt along for the ride.

    I fully believe a lab is the dog for the job, though there are tons of other options.

    If you get a lab (or any other large dog that you want to work hard for you) pay for demeanor, certified eyes, certified hips, and certified elbows. My opinion.

    The dog needs to have a drive, and a drive to want to want to please its master. A huge bonding partnership between the dog and the handler.
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    I would suggest one of the continental versatile breeds, retrieves like a lab and tracks and points.
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    our Bassett Hound took to it naturally & got really good after getting deer treats from the Hanging deer. he put 2+2 together really fast.+ ..could'nt make a better pet either
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    Jun 21, 2008

    Basset Hounds ARE awesome...great pets...too. How long does he last on a track? So many Bassets seem too big for their legs and seem like they'd tire really fast.
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    once Max got his "smell on" he never got tired/ That being said most of our tracking was for fun ( we had already found the deer) so he could be part of the process and earn "Max treats" 100-200 yrds or so some was in very thick brush and he was able to circumvent the stickers & thorns and get back on track..he was that smart. One friend did call us one night and we brought Max. Friend & I took off going in the direction that the deer ran according to friend. Max went another direction with the wife & in about 20 minutes she yelled "FOUND IT". Dont underestimate them little legs that nose is their motor and if there is a smell those legs move. The first time we took him out I made a liver shot he smelled the blood & took off. He went under trees and in places ther was no way thought a deer could go so I pulled him off thinking he was crazy. Next morning I went back alone & sure as shootn he was following (pushing) that deer but ol Max new where he was going for sure. I still could not imagine a deer going through all that stuff.
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    love my Blue Lacy