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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting General' started by cfdjay, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. cfdjay

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    Sep 5, 2004
    Ok Bruthas and Sistas. For those of you who know me, you know I've never turkey hunted. For those of you who don't, now you know. Soooooooo, my question is, whats the best way to get started? I want to start making my twice a year trip out there more productive by scouting while turkey season is in. I have some friends down here who do it but I'd like to learn how to call etc etc. Any help would be appreciated.

    P.S. I've been lurking just not active lately. I'll be around a little more.
  2. chuck88

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    Jun 29, 2005
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    full camo including facemask and gloves, the worst call I ever heard was a hen turkey but limit your calling even on a hot gobbler. I only make on series of calls every 4 min or 4 gobbles if I have a bird working. be patient everytime I ever tried to move positions that always resulted in me scaring the bird away

  3. Chase635

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    Feb 16, 2005
    I would start out using a box call or slate call! mouth calls can be tuff at first! and stick to the basic calls at first dont try to get to fancy!
  4. semohuntingguy

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    Nov 2, 2005
    southeast mo.
    yep what they said, pattern that gun know how it shoots
  5. Hatch

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    Jul 17, 2005
    OFallon MO
    12 ga or a 10 ga full or extra full choke (you cant kill em to dead!) Box & Slate call, pick up a couple mouth calls for practice ONLY! Buy a couple of Primos videos or any other and if I was hunting/scouting I would go to the highest part of the land and start there, if you have wooded ridges the gobblers will be there and as said before FULL camo. Also Primos has a CD with a 3 pack of mouth calls that will help you learn to use the mouth calls as well as let you understand the sounds of a turkey. (So you know what your saying to them) P/S If you dont want to turkey hunt every chance you get,DON'T START Its addicting and theres no known cure! (thank God!):wave:
  6. Chase635

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    Feb 16, 2005
    Decoys are good also, If you set-up hen and jake/tom decoys make sure the jake/tom is faceing towards you if a tom comes in he will fan out and face the jake/tom decoy blinding him self with his fan!
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    I've only killed one turkey,last year was my first year to hunt them.after the shot,I guess I was pretty excited.
    After shooting one ,stand on its head till he quits kicking,Don't grab him by the feet ,I got spurred in 5 or 6 places on my hand last year and they like to never healed up.
  8. FiremanBrad

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    Good advice here....full camo, might even go out early and build ya a natural ground blind, if you're more comfy, you'll set longer...Friction calls are alot easier to use at first...I still use mine alot, but these days prefer a mouth call. Watch all the videos you can, learn the tempo of all the calls, and of real turkeys calls too. And like said above....once ya start, there is no known cure...once you see "the show"....you'll be hooked!!!
  9. mikeak

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    Quess i should'nt have started reading turkey threads yet.Now I'm getting pumped,like 3311 said,I think its all about the show.Couple pics from last year.
    No. 1s first bird
    the old mans first bird
    You'll need some of these to go with your bird
    Guess I'll go start ratting out the turkey stuff.
  10. FiremanBrad

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    MIKE.....that just aint right.....teasin us with those morels!!!!!! Great pics ya got there!!!
  11. I'd say PATIENCE is key !

    About calling....Well if you haven't done much I'd recommend getting a good box call or a push button call to start with. Get pretty good with them and then try a slate or mouth call.

    Come out and play more Jay....:D
  12. Be very patient! And dont call just because he gobled! Be very still! Watch every H.S. Strut video you can get your hands on. Start with a slate call. I dont know if you can still find one but HS makes a slate call that hass marks on it for each type of call.The main thing is knowing your terrain and the obstacles. If a bird wont come to you and keeps gobling in the other direction quit calling and circle on front of him. If a turkey doesnt want to caome to you the trick is getting where hes going. And dont ever use a turkey call unless you have moved to your set up point and completely set up. When using a decoy set it up about 15 yards to your front and left if your right handed.

  13. Brake

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    Jan 28, 2005
    Livingston Co MO
    camo, patience, be in the right spot at the right time, and practice with your calls, pattern your shot gun. don't get in a hurry to move to a new spot,when in doubt don't call and stay put.:D
  14. Crappie

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    Just have fun...
  15. huntforfunnfood

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    Jun 30, 2003
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    don't get all wraped up in the stuff (that coming from me how funny) turkey hunting is totally a game of learning from screwing up sometimes they seem like the stupidest birds in the world and you can't not kill one at other times you can't find any way to kill one.
    totally addictive and it will get you
  16. coyotehunter

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    Jan 19, 2005
    just have fun and if you find some of them morels ,i'll take them:D
  17. cfdjay

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    Sep 5, 2004
    Alright guys, thanks a lot for the beginner advice!! I'm going to Kansas in a couple of weeks and hope to come back with some sheds. I hope I'm not too late.
  18. Vector

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    Feb 11, 2003
    N/C MO
    Jay.....you know you need to give me a call about all of this and I'll get you set up!

  19. Hoytshooter

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    Mar 7, 2005
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    Great advice on here so far!
    Camo up, sit still, and learn the basic calls and be where the birds are. Really not much to it, it's usually up to the birds. Some days they will be callable and some days they won't.
    I started with a push button style call and a slate. I would save some money and just get the slate, not difficult to use. I would also get a pack of diaphram calls and practice alot. If you can get proficient with them they can come in real handy when one is coming in close and you want to save movement. When I learned to use a mouth call I took it all the time, practiced while driving, sitting around the house, whenever I could.