What a Horrible Day

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    Yesterday was the funeral for my 94 year old Grandma. Everything was going about as good as expected. The service was very nice and grandma looked at peace. We left Sullivan in the funeral procession to head to Calvary Cemetary in STL. We get about 6 miles down the road and the wife say's pull over, I have to go. She gets bouts of IBS ever since she had her Galbladder removed at age 14. So now we are out of the funeral procession and trying to catch up. My TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor) light comes on going down the I-44. I didn't really think anything of it because with the weather changing, I know it meses with the pressure in the tires. Well, about Eureka, two people flag us down as we are still trying to catch the precession and point at my right front tire. Luckily, we got on to the shoulder before we were riding on the rim. The only thing I can think of is that we picked something up in the gas station's parking lot when we stopped for the wife. My brother and I thru into to high gear and got the tire changed on the side of I-44 in ten minutes wearing full dress cloths. We called my father who stopped the funeral procession just past the Antire Rd Exit near Fenton, and we were able to finally catch up. Then, when we get to Calvary, half the procession gets lost try to find their way to the gravesite. I fyou have ever been to Calvary, you'll know why it is easy to get lost. If you have never been, or heard about it, I'll throw this out there for reference.

    The cemetery now contains over 315,000 graves in its 477 acres and is one of St. Louis’ largest cemeteries reference.

    Calvary Cemetery sit next to Bellefontaine Cemetary. The two are seperated by a two lane highway.

    Bellfontaine Cemetary is 314 total acres.
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    Oh my what a day/afternoon.

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    IBS would be terrible