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Wet weather... what do you make sure stays dry?

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Stay in the truck until it quits raining.
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Well I'm not an admitted wimp but I am kinda ignorant I guess cause I just go hunt regardless.
Remember I'm a rookie. 4 birds under my belt, 3 of em last year, so I don't really have a method !
I just go hunt and don't worry about getting wet. In the past I had a water proof box call. and I used mouth calls so equipment getting wet wasn't really an issue. Binos aside I guess, but other than that all my clothes are/were what I deer hunt in and I just went. I only got to hunt 3 or maybe 4 mornings all season long so weather wasn't an issue. Private/Public land, 2 and a half hours from home. Can't be too pickey about a little rain !
Originally posted by wingmaninmo
since i am lucky enought to hunt the uneducated stupid birds that come to any idiot crunching an aluminum can on private property, i just sit it out in my blind.;):hysterical::hysterical:

1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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