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Wet weather... what do you make sure stays dry?

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Stay in the truck until it quits raining.
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I'm wiff fireman. Lots of my best success has come on mornings with little showers moving though. Great days to hunt.

I have mentioned this before but I'll mention it again. DSG is always ready for a little shower because I always wear a cheap rain suit under my camo. My style of hunting requires it because I am normally on the ground when working a bird more than I am sitting up. It keeps you from getting muddy and wet on that belly crawl even on days that it is not raining.

As for the rest. If it has to stay dry, the best place for it on a rainy day is in the truck because it is nearly impossible to keep things dry no matter what you do. A small slate in a ziploc bag along with a diaphram is all I'll pack on a rainy day.
Originally posted by PFR
DSG...........My gosh man, how can you stand wearing one of those "Hefty Bag" rainsuits every day of the season???????
It actually ain't bad. Just gotta wear some cotton underneaf it. I use the real light one too, they really aren't hot at all. Sure keeps ya dry too when crawling around on the wet ground. :cheers:

Oh.........and because I hunt private property where any idjit could kill a bird I normally don't hunt the "entire season." Usually only takes about 10 mintutes a day for two days of the season. :D Pitty those poor souls who have to hunt public land, it just ain't the same! :bangin:
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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