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Wet weather... what do you make sure stays dry?

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Stay in the truck until it quits raining.
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DSG...........My gosh man, how can you stand wearing one of those "Hefty Bag" rainsuits every day of the season???????

Unless it is lighting I hunt. Cool damp days are some of the best to be had. I have a GOOD, packable rainsuit that stays in the truck everyday of the season. On days there is a chance of rain it goes with me in a back pack. It takes a little room and adds a little weight but I ain't wasting my time hiking back to my truck when I could/should be hunting. I keep everything that would get hurt by getting wet in ziplocks or small tupperware containers. I carry a few extra baggies with me at all times. On days it is wet from the start I try to minimize the items that have to be kept dry (ie take 1 box call instead of 3). I also keep a back-up set of ALL my hunting clothes (down to socks, undies, and an extra pair of boots) in the truck everyday of the season. That way if I get soaked I can go back to the truck and change and be back at it ASAP as opposed to giving up for the day or at a minimum wasting an hour or more to drive home to change. I also keep extra calls back at the truck everyday I hunt.
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