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    :thinking:I new someday it was going to happen just didn`t know when? The Doctor said that one in about every 10,000 deer tic`s that bite humans has the potential to pass on lyme disease? I have been hunting fishing, and doing the outdoor thing for as long as I can remember!:dancin: Lets just say over 40 years, I have climbed all kinds of trees, crawled thru all types of brush and swam thru more lakes, oceans,canals, and streams than I can name?:rock: This Turkey Season like always I managed to get a couple tic bites as I have in the past? The difference was I must have hit number 10,000:whiteflag: so the count starts over? Not that I have been bitten that much:thinking: I was just lucky enough to find that DUMB # 10,000 tic?:shrug:
    Well needless to say the rash is what took me to the Doctor and he confirmed it!:scared: He told me he had been a doctor for many years, I know for as long as I have been hunting! And this was only 7th confirmed case he has ever had????????? The only good thing about it is he said that I caught it soon enough to be able to cure it completely.:dancin: Just take some Amoxicillin three times a day for twentyone days and I should be in the clear!:woot: He told me some arn`t so lucky and have to take meds for the rest of there life to keep in check so it doesn`t keep getting worse!

    and a rash develops in the area around the bite it the next couple of weeks do something about it while You still have time! Once the rash is gone and the other symptoms start it can get pretty ugly for the rest of ones earthly life!

    :whiteflag:Pic of the rash on the left sid of my chest:whinging:
    Picture is not the best but You get the IDEA:eek:
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    Dec 3, 2002
    I have seen the results of this and you are one very lucky fella-----:cheers:

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    My wife warns me all the time because I get bit several times per year but just ahven't found that magic tick yet...
    take care and glad you caught it early.
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    One of your best catches...:eek:
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    Scary stuff! Glad you caught it early.:cheers:
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    glad yah showed the picture so i know what to look out for:cheers:
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    Durn Bob, that bites, (pardon the pun) :peepwall: Glad to hear ya caught it early.:claphands::claphands:
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    good advice for sure. sorry to hear the bad news but sure am glad you didn't put off the docs visit..:cheers:
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    Glad to hear you got it caught early CLIFF. What a deal! :eek:

    How big of an area is the picture you're showing there? No question the picture is good for all of the rest of us to see. :eek:

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    Dec 22, 2006
    good deal you caught it early

    bad deal...now i'm all itchy
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    Thanks for the post. It will help us all. Have to say that rash doesn't exacty look like the classic bullseye we've been told to be look for after removing a tick . :cheers:

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    [rquote=1271285&tid=89005&author=Parker]Glad to hear you got it caught early CLIFF. What a deal! :eek:

    How big of an area is the picture you're showing there? No question the picture is good for all of the rest of us to see. :eek:


    The rash that I have is about the size of a baseball:shrug:But the Doc said it could be anywhere from the size of a nickel normaly to a paper plate? But he has herd of cases where the rash covers half of the body:eek:!
    He also said that the bigger the rash the better the chance who has it will have it looked at!!!!!!!!!! :thinking: Just glad I took action!:dancin: Just a heads up the Doc also said that the rash will have the tic bit in somewhere doesn`t have to be in the middle but normalythe bite will be in the rash?
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    Were there any symptoms other than the rash,say as itching, fever, etc.Glad ya went to the doc and caught it in time and posted the pic
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    I don't envy you on that. I hope that all goes well for you.

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    [rquote=1271423&tid=89005&author=Big L]Were there any symptoms other than the rash,say as itching, fever, etc.Glad ya went to the doc and caught it in time and posted the pic[/rquote]

    The Doc said the rash usually comes first the goes away then the other more serious things occur! Its all down hill from their:whinging: PLEASE if Ya get Bit and develop a rash no matter the size have it looked at! :2thumbsup:
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    Sorry to hear you got this, but happy it can be taken care of and cured. I'm also glad you posted a pic of it, cause that doesn't look like the "bullseye" rash that I've heard lyme disease causes.
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    Mar 30, 2007
    Get well soon, we sure like having ya around :cheers:

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    [rquote=1271474&tid=89005&author=fishshooter]Get well soon, we sure like having ya around :cheers:[/rquote]

    Thanks but I am, just as grouchy as I ever was, just trying to let others know to be awear! For fourty some years I have been lucky? Always thought it just happened to others not the :superman:super dude I thought I was put back reality by a small seed tic :shrug:
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    Mar 2, 2005
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    Glad you will be OK!!! As for the meds, another warning. Any `cillin based antibiotic WIL NOT work if there is alcahol introduced into the system while on them, It will kill all of the good stuff you have taken.
    Sorry to tewll ya that, too Cliffhanger, but no BOOZe till after you are done with the meds.:boohoo:
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    Jun 21, 2008
    Glad you caught it early...my dad, brother, and one cousin have each been treated for it....