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    I have asked this question before but now i have all the ingredients. its ortho ground clear complete vegetation killer. it has 5% of glyphosate, 0.08% of imazapyr and 94.92% of other ingredients. now the question is would this be ok to spray with and then disc over and plant? it says will kill all plants for up to a year but is with the plants you spray or will it be in the ground
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    Imazapyr has residual and I "think" it has a fairly broad spectrum of grasses and broadleaves it controls.......So I say NO. You might do some research on imazapyr with regards to the rotation interval of the specific crop you are going to plant to find out more specifics if you might be able to plant something but I am doubtful. With that in mind...What are you going to plant?

    Also, a good rule of thumb, if you are going to spray something with glyphosate in it you should let it have time to work before you disc the field, otherwise you are just wasting your time with the spray. Rat might have a better answer for you on how long but depending on how fast things are growing it will vary but I would personally wait atleast 7-10 days.

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    Right on MU!

    imazapyr is the residual component and it is a hard residual, meaning it is designed to last longer than 6 months if applied correctly. This means that it will prevent weeds from growing, including ones that you plant... and effectively at that. That product prolly touts residual control for 6 months to a year. I believe also that it is a concentrate and you are to mix it at 1 qt/gal and apply with a watering can at high volumes. Wouldnt be a good choice for you..

    Youre better off going to a local elevator and buying a glyphosate-only based product. I'd prefer you buy a Roundup branded product (hehe) but its your choice. You can spray it and if weeds and everything you want to kill is actively growing and you applied the correct amt, you can disc as soon as 3-4 days later but as MU pointed out, 7-10 would give you more of a comfort factor cause you would be able to see good activity at that point. Remember though, you may not see symptoms at this point but dont worry, the glyphosate is working. Remember also that discing will regenerate the weed-seed bank you have there so get it planted with your crop as soon as you can after that. Your roundup application will do nothing to prevent future weed germination. :)