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    Now this might be a dumb question but it could save me money. I have around four gallons of round-up total vegatation killer. Can I spray weeds with this let it die then disc and plant? it says will kill for up to a year, but is that only on the weeds i spray or will in continue to be there at later dates?
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    If glyphosate is the only active ingredient, it is a contact killer. It does'nt kill vegatation that has not yet germinated.


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    Mar 7, 2005
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    Best thing you can do to prepare a plot is to spray a glypho herbicide like roundup, let it do its work, then disc. Then wait a couple of weeks for new germination and repeat. I would to this as many times as I could fit in. You'll never get a weed free plot but that method will get you as close as you can get.