We now have 14 New MDC Agents in Missouri

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    MDC adds 14 new conservation agents
    Congratulations to the conservation agent class of 2017!

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) recently added 14 new agents. The conservation agent class of 2017 graduated during a special ceremony at the Department’s Runge Conservation Nature Center in Jefferson City on Wednesday, Oct. 4. During the graduation, the new agents were pinned with a badge by their families and also took the oath to become conservation agents.

    “Conservation agents have played a critical role for the Department since its beginning,” MDC Director Sara Parker Pauley said. “With this role comes great opportunity, authority, and responsibility. They serve as the Department’s front line ambassadors and are often the face of conservation in Missouri’s communities. The Commission and I know these new agents have been trained very well and will do their best serving citizens and protecting Missouri’s fish, forests, and wildlife.”

    These 14 new agents will be joining the 185 existing MDC agents in serving and protecting Missouri’s fish, forest, and wildlife.

    The class of 2017 conservation agents and their assignments are:

    • Zachary Barnes: Macon County
    • Dylan Bollig: Hickory County
    • Stratton Bond: Knox County
    • Nathaniel Carr: Scotland County
    • Kyle Clinton: Cape Girardeau County
    • Sarah Foran: Callaway County
    • Chad Gray: Atchison County
    • Jaymes Hall: Washington County
    • Hayley Honeycutt: Wayne County
    • Jared Kelly: Henry County
    • Jacob Plunkett: St. Francois County
    • Crystal Poole: Caldwell County
    • Mark Skelton: Butler County
    • Samuel Whisler: Clay County
    For more information about careers with MDC visit mdc.mo.gov.

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    3 out of 14 are women. Cool.
    Shoot, I shouldn't assume...
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    Thanks for the update, Gmailman.
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    Here's a picture.

    Congratulations to the conservation agent class of 2017! Pictured are: (photo ID front row left to right) MDC Director Sara Parker Pauley, Samuel Whisler, Crystal Poole, Jacob Plunkett, Jared Kelly, Conservation Commissioner Dave Murphy, Conservation Commissioner Marilynn Bradford, Hayley Honeycutt, Chad Gray, and Sarah Foran. (Photo ID back row left to right) Mark Skelton, Jaymes Hall, Kyle Clinton, Nathan Carr, Stratton Bond, Dylan Bollig, and Zachary Barnes.(NOTE: High-res image available at http://bit.ly/2xjINWP).

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    I'm sure Mr. Bollig will be replacing agent Vader as I know he is coming up for retirement.
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    Welcome to the area agent Barnes.

    To all the graduates. Welcome and be safe.
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    Wonder why none were assigned to the Stone, Taney, Barry or Ozark Counties that are now in a CWD watch zone? I'm thinking some extra resources and boots on the ground should be allocated in these Counties if MDC is half as concerned about the spread of CWD as they should be.
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    My guess is that most of these agents aren't extra or additional agents, they are filling existing vacancies and gaps in coverage. If there were extra agents available lots of Ozark counties could use a second or third agent to catch poachers and provide more patrol and investigative work in the big public ground sections of the Ozarks.
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    You are probably correct, but it sure would be nice to see MDC tackling this a bit more aggressively. The positives found in Arkansas are too close for comfort!
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    Why has Knox County changed out agents three times in the past 4-5 years?
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    Maybe nobody wants to work or live there? If I was a Conservation Agent I wouldn't want to work there.
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    Its a pretty boring county for agents. Very rural, not many shopping opportunities for them or their wives.
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    Welcome to Callaway Sarah Foran, unfortunately I believe you will be coming in at a busy time, wish you the best.
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    Welcome to Callaway county Sarah Foran. Might see you sometime in the Hwy 94 Hwy BB area.