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Waterfowl equipment

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I am selling all my waterfowl gear. There are 8 dozen mixed brand mixed species puddle ducks, mallards, shovelers, pintails, etc. About 75 percent of the decoys are rigged with string and weights. One dozen blue wing teal that were only used a couple of times and are rigged. Three wind duck wind activated spinning wi ng decoys one still in the package. A mallard machine motion decoy setup. There are two dozen Canada goose shells with heads and some stakes, a dozen outlaw goose silhouette decoys, six pontoon perimeter floating decoys and three giant Canada decoys. There is a bag of a couple hundred rigged Texas rag snow goose decoys. There is also a Christmas tree storage bag full of miscellaneous decoys. One piece of military camo netting and two smaller pieces of camo netting. Finally I have an Avery finisher layout blind. It needs some cleaning and a patch put on a mouse hole but it functions perfectly and has been mudded so it doesn't shine. I am wanting to sell this all in one lot. If I don't get any takers I will split it up. Asking $500 for everything. Located in Stover MO
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Feel free to make an offer, I need this stuff gone.
Ok guys I guess I will separate this stuff out. See main post for quantities and pictures.
All of floating duck decoys $150
All of the goose decoys $100
Wind duck spinning wing decoys $50
Mallard machine $100
Avery layout blind $150
I can maybe meet in sedalia, warsaw or eldon but I am running out of time to get this stuff gone.
Goose decoys sold pending pickup.
Goose decoys are sold. Wind ducks are sold pending patent. Make offers on anything else guys.
Price reductions
Avery layout $100
All duck decoys including a big bonus bag I didn't count $100
Mallard machine $90
250 for the rest? Meet in Warsaw tomorrow
Sent you a pm
If he doesn’t take it and you’re coming through stl I’d take the mallard machine and maybe decoys
If he doesn't take it and you're coming through stl I'd take the mallard machine and maybe decoys
Sorry, I don't go through stl. Not if I can avoid it anyway!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts