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Wanted Spring Tooth Harrow

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I am looking for a single section to a spring tooth harrow. The posted picture are two hooked together with a seat. I want it to pull behind my ATV. Reasonably priced please.
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Thanks Henry. I have an old one that is starting to fall apart. Maybe if I didn't use it to plow up my Ozark rocks it would last longer. I had a fella in Warsaw weld it back together but who knows when it will break again.
That is a great idea. Shouldn't cost much if I ask the right farmer.
Thanks Jason. I'm going down tomorrow to put some more corn in my feeder and check my game camera. I should have a few pics of some bald headed bucks hopefully. Maybe I'll trip over a shed on the way through the woods. I'll check out Mr. Edzards stuff. I paid $20 for mine @ 6 yrs ago.
Thanks Jason for the info on the implement guy down at Stover. Turns out he is on N hiway about 1 mile to the north off of 52 hiway. That guy has 70 acres of old implements and a few old pickups scattered around. I saw an old International Scout that looked promising for a rebuilder. You were right Jason about him not coming down on the price. He took me down into the 70 acres and found me one that cost me $30. He has more if anyone else might need one. Pics to follow.
I forgot to post this picture of the harrow with the tines in the up position. This way you can tow it like a sled anywhere you want on your place. Also makes it slide into the bed of a truck easy. I don't know why they still don't sell them just for towing behind riding mowers and ATV's. It will dig down to 5 or 6 inches if your machine has the horse power.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts