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Wally World Guns

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IS there a way to search wally world's web site for guns?
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I doubt it. Not until just recently did Cabela's advertise guns online. I don't think BP does.
[rquote=1510251&tid=105338&author=Plasticman]Bass Pro still has their guns on-line------:cheers:



P-Man, that looks more like their "fine gun" collection and not your everyday stuff.

I forgot to mention, Cabela's may advertise on line but can't buy. I imagine it has to do with point of sale regulations.
[rquote=1510827&tid=105338&author=Big L]I heard that some Wal Marts have a clearance on guns that havent sold,never asked when I was there but have heard that rumor a few times from different people.

No help on your question though.:wave:

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It is true. I don't know about recent though. I bought a Winchester Model 70 synthetic in 7mm Mag for $250 back in 2001 at the Wal-Mart in Yankton, SD. They had 3 of them and should have bought them all.

That "cheapy" Winchester has killed A LOT of game in these 8 years.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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