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From the Arkansas state website -
This notion of "points" for violations seems odd. I wonder what it's like to decide what bad acts are the most pointworthy.

Violation Points
Violation points are assigned to hunters convicted of fish and wildlife violations. The accumulation of 18 points for violations within three years may result in the revocation of hunting and fishing privileges for one year. The accumulation of 30 points within five years may result in the loss of licenses and privileges for three years. Access to Commission-owned lands will be prohibited if hunting privileges are revoked as a result of violations. Boating violations are not considered toward revocation.

A hunter who has accumulated 12 points within three years will be ineligible to apply for deer, turkey or elk permits. A conviction for selling wildlife may result in lifetime revocation of hunting and fishing licenses. Double points are assessed: when an adult 21 or older is convicted of committing a violation while accompanying a youth under 16; for violations committed by a Guide License holder; for any violation of trout harvest regulations committed in a trout catch-and-release area; for bass-related violations on lakes Monticello, Lower White Oak, Columbia, SWEPCO, Pickthorne and Austell.

Violation points are assigned for convictions of fish and wildlife regulations in the following manner:

Hunting or fishing after revocation of license 30
Hunting in closed season 30
Night hunting 30
Importing or release of imported mammals, reptiles or birds 30
Taking of endangered species 30
Taking of bald eagle 30
Taking fish with electrical devices or toxic substances 30
Violating elk season regulations 30
Releasing feral hogs on WMAs 30
Violating feral hog dog restrictions 30
Violating legal bull elk requirements 18
Taking prohibited antlerless elk 18
Violating bear season regulations 18
Shooting a denned bear 18
Counterfeiting license 18
Road hunting 18
Illegal taking of alligator 18
Taking of raptor 18
Violating mussel shell taker/seller/buyer license /reporting requirements 18
Selling game fish 18
Selling bullfrogs 18
Nonresident commercial fishing 18
Commercial fishing for certain fish in lower Ouachita River 18
Hunting turkey over bait 18
Violating special guide license requirements 18
Violating guide restrictions on WMAs (guides) 18
Using dogs during deer season where prohibited 12
Failure to properly tag after taking game 12
Failure to properly check game 12
Illegally hunting bear over bait 9
Violating guide restrictions on WMAs (hunters) 9
Hunting, fishing, trapping, releasing hunting dogs or pursuing wildlife with dogs without landowner/lessee permission 9
All other regulation violations 6

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I like the points thing...but ya got to hit em in the pocket book to make it stick. Just like losing your license for driving. Make it hurt to get it back in one way or another.
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