Vector Grunter Strikes Again!

Discussion in 'Whitetails General' started by Tank, Nov 13, 2010.

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    Dec 10, 2006
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    Ok I know you guys are not going to let me get away without the story so here goes.......

    Got to my stand around 6am settle in and here all kinds of noises around me, This just gets my juices pumping for a good day. Right at day break I see a shodow coming my way, It draws closer and I see it is just a little forky, so I let this one pass AR and all no choice. Anyway with all the noise I was hearing before day break I was sure another would be along shortly! Well as the hours past one after another I see nothing that even resembles a deer! I stay in my stand refusing to give up, it is now about 3:30 in the afternoon, and I wish I could say something cool, but I was fast asleep in my stand :peepwall: I hear a rukus and as I woke up i see a doe running by me with a Buck hot on her heels, I rustle around and grab the 30-06 and in the process I spook them and they run in seperate directions, Now I was a bit upset with this being the only Buck (other than forky) I have seen all day, I grab the Vector Grunter as the deer passes my stand at a high rate of speed, I give a couple quick grunts and to my amazement about 110 yards or so the buck stops in its tracks stands broadside and looks back at me.... I was shocked, I put the scope on him and said big mistake, squeezed the trigger, the deer jumped ran about 20 yards and stoped and looked at me again, I raised my gun to look through my scope and it was gone....... I could not believe it did I miss? I waited about 20 minutes or so get down and go to the spot where I thought I shot him ... There it was a huge blood pool and a trail leading away that a blind man could follow. I went around a tree and where I had thought the deer disapeared, it had fell over in to a big puddle of water over a small hill so I could not see it from my stand. Pull him out realize it is a nine pointer and not to bad for the morning I had. I field dressed him and realized I had hit im directly in the heart, no wonder he did not run far. Well I am going to give all the credit to the Grunter. And here he is, he has been a little banged up at one point since one side of his rack is quit a bit smaller than the other side.

    [file]147998[/file] [file]148000[/file] [file]148002[/file]

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    Alrighty Then :claphands:

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    Nice buck congrats Tank,:2thumbsup:
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    Way to go Tank :cheers: Did ya make Ginger skin it fer ya? :rof2:
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    Dec 10, 2006
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    [rquote=1895038&tid=132027&author=MoBowman]Way to go Tank :cheers: Did ya make Ginger skin it fer ya? :rof2:[/rquote]

    Well I would have if she was not at work, So I did what i thought was best, dropped it off at the meat market and said make me a mess of Jalapeno and cheese summer sausage, Man I have to get around to figuring out how to make that myself one day!
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    And that's the way ya get it done.....nice buck.
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    Nice buck!!! Congrats:cheers::eek:::claphands:
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