Using Soil Test Results & Frost Seeding

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    Jan 13, 2008
    Another frost seeding topic :banging: :banana: :peep:

    Soil test results are back for the in-laws place in Callaway County. I want to frost seed ladino clover in the blue areas. I will probably mix a companion crop into the micro-plots. The two long sections are 5-10 yards wide ridge top trails that currently have grass so I will have to spray those a couple times this Spring to kill the grass.

    My question is when should I fertilize? It almost feels counterproductive to throw a bunch down for the grass to absorb a few weeks before I kill it.

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    JMO but I'd lime it with Pel Lime followed up by some 6-24-24. as they take longer to absorb into the soil. Your Ph is like mine.. at least thats what I'm doing..already Ag limed it this past week using Shovel/Tractor Bucket & wind and hopefully will pick up the PH where the Pel lime falls short. I'll mix the clover seed into the pel Lime/Fert

    thats what I'm doing for better or worse.

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    I too would address the pH first. Your clover will do much better if you do.
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