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UPDATE WITH HUNT INFO-Pastor and I going goose hunting in the morning.

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Pastor and I are going to go goose hunting in the morning. I cant waight for our excursion to teh dark side of the moon. It will be the first time I get to hunt with Pastor.

Hopefully the ducks and geese fly thick as skitters for his debut duck and goose hunt.

We arnt bringging any decoys since we are going to be sitting in the wild grass trying to look inconspicuouse. I refer to it as hunting Longbow26 style. Hopefully that style produces some birds this trip. So fare I have been skunked.

The added benafit to hunting with a preacher is if the birds are not flying I can get a free surmen. Thouhg I am confident we will have plenty to talk about with out Pastor having to talk shop. UNless he feals the nead to do so. No complaints here if he does.

Wife is letting me take the digi camera along since no call for rain.

We not hunting all day since he ahs to go to work and I got to be home by 10am to meet the freind of mine i hierd to bid on fixing the door the burgler broke enterring out house. But hopefully we are limited out well befor then and already on our way ladden down with GODs bounty of the sky.

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Good luck fellas,14 degrees out this morning,better wear your socks.:wave:
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