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Upcoming catfish movie due out early next year

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Several of the Gateway Cat members from the STL area got together to make a catfishing video this year. They said the movie is due out early next year. I honestly think this will be THE catfish video when it comes to landing pig blues.

Fish boated range from 50 on up to a 101.8 pounder they caught just the other day down at Wheeler Reservoir in Alabama. They get the entire thing, take down to getting fish in the boat. I'm pumped and can't wait for it to be released.

Here's a teaser they released.
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Which one is your buddy Parker?
Ahh yea I talked to him for a while at the STL Boat show last year at the catfish safari booth.
All of them fish were put back to be caught again. :cheers:
They are planning on having it ready and released early next year. I'm pumped to get a copy and watch the whole thing.
If you guys like catfishing, I highly advise getting a copy of this thing when they get the site up and running here shortly. It's awesome! I came home and watched my copy after i got it from the boat show and it sure made me even more impatient to head down to Wheeler. :D
Bajacoop and I walked past the booth, but you guys were busy talking with some other people so we moved on after looking at the youth elk hunt stuff. :cheers:
They have their site up, but I think they were still working out some issues with the purchasing and shipping system.
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