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Alpha dog and little Timmy were racing down the steet to help a old lady cross the road. When Alpha dogs arch enemie the Frisky cat crossed there path. Canine dilema, save the lady from posible injury if she continues to try to cross the trafic laden street; or put an end to his arch enemie Frisky the cat. Seconds availd for neather choice, he had to deside right then and now. He chose to go for

Ops wrong page sorry.

Well Chad and one of his freinds and I went to duck creek concervation area today. 40 minuts from my house it is a nice place. Only holding 14 thousand birds today, I was tikeld pink to be able to do my first pill draw in the poor mans line. I drew 124 which put 17 ppl infront of us. Our name was called 6 in line thouhg since most ahead of us had left since they dint draw first 3 numbers.

We chose to hunt 18N which was the 6th choice of 8 good spots by Chad and his freinds studeeing of the kill board. It is one of the set of pools on Mingo it self. The size of the pool we hunted, why you could of put 2 foot ball feidls in there side by side easilly, and have room for bleachers fo rthe fans.

Ducks were cutting up 30 minuts befor shoting light. The snow geese were heard up in the air doing there high pitch naging call. Teal were heard zipping threw the air 15 minuts to shoting light. At 10 minuts to shoting light wings took to air from the middle area of the pool we was in. We knew ducks were on teh water and had desided not to jump them off the water. We set our decoys on the entrence side of the pool. As the flight taken birds reache dthe horisen I was able to get count. 20 tehn 30 then more then 50 I am wisperring the count out. Chad says 100 in that flight and his freind says more then 100 in flight over our head. All said and done we guessed 700 ducks took to the air if not more last one leaving sight 2 minuts to legal shoting light.

I am not sad I got to finally draw a pill in the poor mans line.

We saw birds in dbls upwerds to 11 bird flights interested in our spread. Some times they would flare due to our movement, some times flare as result of shooting noice from naboring pools, or being shot at by the pool behind us. At 9am we deside to start pass shoting. Not even a minut after that desision a 3 flight of spoonbill ducks raced rt at us. I shot it and it put its air breaks on and befor it could deside if it was dead or not Chads freind whos name i cant reember shot it and there was no doupt if it was dead or not. Chads gun jamed on him after his first shot at one of the other ducks in the group and the other 2 saild off into memorie.
My arm was gettig tierd of holding my gun around 8am and since we was standing in half calf deep water Chad sugested I put the sling draped over a corn stock. That worked great untill the corn stock wilted under the wiaght about 15 minuts later nad my gun fell into the water. We laphed at it as i was shaking the water out of the gun and he checked the barel for me. 10 minuts later his freinds gun fell into the water the same way. Chad was laphing so hard we threatend to dunk his gun just so he would have a clean gun as well.
At 10am we desided to move farther into our pool. We ahd been seeing ducks land on the fare side of our pool all morening long. We moved half way there. As we was moving 5 spoon bill ducks came low enouf to shot at. Chad shot first and his duck folded up. I was still trying to get my gun off my sholder so I was late in engaging the ducks. I picked the slowest moving duck and put 2 rounds into it knocking feathers off it. Chad asks dud your shoting my duck. I replied no yours fell out of the sky. He said well it folded when i shot it and then took to flight again, you just put 2 rounds in my duck. He then raises his gun and puts 1 more shell into it it coats falls 400 yards close to the tree line. Chad says go get your duck Michael. I said you claimd it its yours.

In the new spot Chad had constructed out of standing corn stocks a box blind for me to help me conceal my self better. I had my gun layed across the cront and back stock of the left corner and Chad walked up and asked if it was stable and I said its not fallen on in 5 minuts. He touched one of the stocks a smidge as he walked to his inprovised blind and the whole corner gave way and my gun was once again in the drink. This time knee deep water.

I wanted to stay untill 1pm closing of shoting time where we was but they wanted to leave at 11am. I talked them into staying untill 11 15am at 11 18 am 8 gadwalds worked our spread and to the day i die i will say i heard Chad say take them. I raised my gun up and terns out he said after next pass we will take them. I caused the ducks to flare and they was out of range fast. I pulled the triger jsut as they flard but had forgoten to take my safty off.

Some skunk ducks also called watter chickens came swiming by and I shot one on the water and the second one as it flew not even a foot off the water. If we not like the taist of them 2 ducks i wont shot coots again.

I fierd 17 shots today. I helped bring down the 2 spoon bills and i was only one who shot at the coots.

If I had a baby siter for tomarrow id go back with them in the morning again.

Taking my gun apart with the broken part it has was a pain in the behind for wife and I. I definatly have to get it to a gun smith to get it fixed once i find one close by who knwos remington shotguns. Eventually I have ot get a dif gun for waterfaul hunting. One that does not have shiney blue blueing and one that does not have so much centimental value to me. I baught this gun in 1994 after surviving the first bought of colen canser.

It was warm enouf today there the skitters were out. Each time it raind some we woudl see more ducks. I had a blast. It was the most ducks i ahve seen in my life in real life. Chad apoligized for it being a slow day. I apoligized for being bad luck and for missunderstanding on the gadwalds.

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:cheers::cheers::cheers:kudos to you chad!!!! sure is purty to see those birds in the morning sky i tell ya... :wave::wave:
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