TWINS!!!!!! (Updated Pics)

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    I finally got a chance to get some over due food plot work done this weekend and my cousin and I stumbled across an awesome couple of surprises...twin fawns!!!! They were both resting between 3 and 5 feet off the trail I have going through the middle of my property. On our way in my cousin spotted the first one, and I was kicking myself in the butt for not bringing my digital camera. I even looked at the camera twice before I left and figured there was no need to bring it so I left it behind. GUESS WHO IS KICKING THEMSELVES IN THE BUTT NOW?!?!?!?

    Anyway, while getting some work done on the food plot, I started thinking that I had a disposable camera in my glove box. So I ran back to the truck to check, and there it was. I took several (crappy) pics, but something was better than nothing.

    On our last walk back to the truck (we went back and forth 5 or 6 times), I noticed the fawn had moved about 15 feet from where it originally was. Then I glanced where it was the first time we saw it, and sure enough there was the original fawn still resting there. There were twins 15 feet apart and we never even noticed the second fawn until we were on our way out. Dang those dudes blend in good!

    Here are a couple of the low quality, scanned pics I was able to get with the flashless disposable camera. I also took a few pics with my cell phone...I am just going to have to have one of my technologically educated high schoolers show me how to e-mail the darn things to myself.

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    Here's the other little youngster...


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    After a hard days work of mowing oats, sraying weeds and cutting down a bunch of sycamore stumps and removing some less desirable hickories, my cousin and I hit the lake and pulled out a handful of crappie. My cousin nearly landed the biggest bass I have seen in the lake. It looked to be well over 4 pounds to me when it was 5 feet from the boat.

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    I was a little surprised when I found this plastic tube bait in the bellies of one of the fish.

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    You had quite a day!:claphands:
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    I finally got some of the pics from my wife's phone onto the computer...much better quality than that crappy disposable camera!

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    Here's the other little guy/gal...

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    thats pretty neat bio
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    Very nice...:kewlpics:

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    very cool, I saw a fawn the other day crossing the road with its momma I thought it was a coon following the doe, it was so small,
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    Those are always :eek:: pics. I saw one with mama out my bedroom window this morning while getting ready for work.
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    Cool pics. Can I have my plastic bait back please?:peepwall::eek::peepwall: