Turkish Mausers

Discussion in 'Guns & Ammo' started by Transplanted Hoosier, Feb 18, 2006.

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    Oct 16, 2002
    The hardware store a buddy’s family owns as a gun corner, they have a whole barrel of Turkish Mausers they are selling for $59 each. I am toying with the idea of buying one and turning it into 30-06 sporter. Having an industrial chrome finish put on the action with a stainless barrel and mounting it in a composite stock with a top quality commercial adjustable trigger and and saftey and toped with a Leupold scope.

    What do you guys think; should I do it?
  2. Thats a great buy for a good starter action. you aint gonna find a better deal for an action to build a gun on. Just my opinion though.


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    Sep 16, 2004
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    IF, big IF, you can do the work yourself, and like doing it, go for it. Otherwise, if you have to hire the work out, you'd be money ahead to buy a sporter to begin with. You'd have to bend the bolt handle, or replace it with a better shaped one, D&T it, get the headspace checked, all manner of things, rebluing ain't cheap, either. Personally, it sounds like fun, but it won't be a cheap affair. Ask Mister Woodgoat, he has a reworked beauty in that .338/06 of his, I bet he's got a fortune in it (spread out over a lot of years, though). I dunno any more, it's money ahead to buy one, but there's a lot to be said for the experience (built a couple of 1911 pistols here and there).
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    Dec 18, 2005
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    i dont know much about mausers but it sounds pretty cool

    you can definately make it your own
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Sounds like fun: GO FOR IT! :wink4:

    My uncle has two of them... One in 8mm and he other in 6.5. They're nice rifles and seems pretty sounds as far as accuracy goes.
    But with you doing all that to the rilfe: I see some real fun times ahead! :sniper:
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    Nov 30, 2002
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    Bob, if you want to go a less expensive way you could use the military barrel if it is a decent one and have it reamed to 8mm-06. You can cut the barrel down to 24" or 26" and recrown. This is a 30-06 sized up to a .323 bullet and there are dies available and some good reloading recipes for this round. Very similar to a .338-06 in power. This is the project I'm thinking of doing. I have several Turks that have German Oberndorf receivers and you just need to get the bolt bent and add a trigger + a gun stock that are readily available. Numrich also carries bent bolt bodies that aren't too much.

  8. Thats a good idea there jack. And also hoosier you might wanna check and see what its gonna cost you to build one compared to just buying a new charles daly mauser in the caliber you want. Just an idea.

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    Oct 24, 2003
    Bob I never met a mauser I didn't like. I was just on the phone and he said this is a GOOD price.