turkeys in Nebraska?

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    Jun 30, 2003
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    any one ever hunted neb?

    looks as if i am going in 07
    i have the land accessable now not in the far north west were i was hoping for the white fan but around grand island mostly hybrds there some more eastern lookin some for marriam looking

    if any one has any deatails about neb would love to hear
    there fish and game site suck big time.

    i am putting together bits and peices of deatails but looks as if i am going to have to call up there to get better answers
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    Aug 15, 2005
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    Well, I went to Chadron on March 30 and came back on the 5th. I saw tons of birds, could easily have killed with a shotgun, and had only one shot with the bow.

    My comments are easy, get in shape, get in shape, and get in shape. At least for the Pine Ridge area. Everywhere you look is a steep hill that you've got to climb in a hurry and I was a hurting unit during that hunt. I noticed that the hens called a lot less out there than they do here and that the toms did a lot of yelping. That might have been due to when I was there as the flocks were starting to break up during that time. The other thing I noticed on the Merriams is that they are always on the move and they move fast. It's kinda hard to describe how much they travel and how quickly they cover ground.

    I plan to go back to Chadron Thursday night, hunt Friday and Saturday and see if the birds will work to the call now or not, they sure didn't work to the call a couple of weeks ago.

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    Sounds like a fun trip...need any help????lol
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    He's got it......:D
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    You lucky dawgs...lol....go git em!!!