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Turkeys got Kilt

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Kilt some and watched a pile get face fawked at close range! Ain't no Rob Gerling but the Ol Green VECtor's VooDoo did some work this spring!

#alldayhunting #populationsonlya#
Vertebrate Phasianidae Smile Wild turkey Galliformes
Ecoregion Sky Hunting Natural environment People in nature
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Nice work Pete
I would call that a successful hunt! :cheers:
Great year and great pics. Congrats
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That’ll do
Good year. Congrats to everyone. :tup:
Business!!! Outstanding
Great stuff there Pistol Pete. :cheers:
Good work and happy to have been shotgun for some of it!
Rob is looking over his shoulder. Nice work stringbean. :tup:
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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