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turkey\'s and their fears?

Ok, I had the opportunity to go turkey hunting again with my cousin Roger(of V&R Archery) and Brian our camera/dual caller. We got set up early and managed to get this fat ol boy in a good spot. Having roosted the birds the night before, we put out our setup in the dark. We settled on a two hen setup at about 15 yards for my blind.

The camera(brian) was to our right and we settled into the blinds. About twenty minutes before shooting time a gobble of monsterous volumn came from just behind us at about 30 yards:) Then minutes later another about thirty yards further than the first. A little while later we heard both birds fly down.

Roger and Brian start giving the soft clucks and sweet noises that all toms love to hear. Both birds let out a roar of a gobble. After about 15 minutes, another biord approaches from the ten oclock position . It is a hen with a small tom in tow. All of a sudded, the tom that was the closest to us behind shows up at our right. WOW full strut and showing proud. Then the tom to our left comes out of the woods about 50 yards and he is in full strut. The tom with the hen runs to the big boy on our left and they get into it big time. Instantly exit small tom:( he is hightailing it to the next county.

All this time the tom on our right comes about two feet out of the brush and does a circle in strut and retreats to the brush.

The tom to the left now has a new girlfriend and want nothing to do with our set up now:whinging:

Bout 30 minutes later the right bird is still doing his peek a boo strut. so we finalkly feel he is losing interest quick, so we see if we can get the shot on film, Brian says not way, not with hinm staying where he was. So the decision is made to try and take him.

I am setting inthe back of the bling and Roger is near the front. Every time the bird comes out he has a full view and all i get is a small part of beard and a little breast.:mad2:

so after about 5 minutes of him in and out, Roger decides he needs to move me to his spot a little. We move and after a time or two, the tom comes out far enough. I am shooting thru some twigs and leaves. I got a good sight and let go.

BOOM! all i see is dust and dirt flying. Roger says, man you nailed him!

We waited a couple minutes to see if that other tom would come out, but he booked it out of there.

So I have my second big tom in two weeks. It is a pleasure to hunt with great people, especially those with the knowledge of Roger and Brian. They had five toms in front of me at shootable points in two hunts.

As for my title for this topic--

We found out after the shot that the tom was on a high spot and was blocked by a water puddle and very small water ditch and was blocked from our decoy setup. He could not come out way we were blocking him a nd he wanted no part of crossing that puddle or low water drainage. Our decoys were set up on a high spot and he had no way to get to them. Setting up in theearly morning has its dissadvantages, but it is a necessity. We did not see the puddle or the little water run off. But I admire that tom trying to get those decoys to come over to him. He tried a full 45 minutes, and it cost him in the long run.

Ill soon have picks back and posted

Bird two:

Shot 35 yards


spurs 1 1/2"
beard 9 1/2"

Total Turkey hunting experiance, Unmatched with just about anything I have ever done.

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:eek: Man way to go shooter. Those extra suspenseful hunts are fun huh? Congrats :wave:
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